Messi, Koeman, Fati… Nyom is controversial!

Unaccustomed to making the headlines, Allan Nyom finds himself at the center of several controversies this Sunday in Spain the day after Getafe’s victory (1-0) against FC Barcelona in La Liga. In question first of all, a nudge addressed to Lionel Messi before half-time and which was sanctioned by a simple free kick. But it was above all the Blaugrana coach, Ronald Koeman, who heavily loaded the Cameroonian right-back in front of the media by accusing him of having insulted him.

«I told his coach that Nyom showed me a lack of respect. He said very ugly things to me a couple of times, I won’t repeat it. I told his coach to talk to his player because he doesn’t have to do that“, Tackled the Catalan coach. A version that Getafe coach José Bordalas finds it hard to believe. “I haven’t spoken with the player yet, I will do it tomorrow, calmly. I have already told Ronald that I will speak to him tomorrow because insults have no place in our team but I insist on the fact that I very much doubt that Nyom used these words», Replied Bordalas.

Finally, to complete its “festival”, the Indomitable Lion addressed inappropriate remarks to the young Ansu Fati, remained on the ground on a contentious action which could have ended with a penalty. “18 years old and you fuck like that», Asserted Nyom according to the Spanish press. Not necessarily the best face of Cameroonians …

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