Messi’s confession about his duels with Cristiano

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After years struggling with Cristiano Ronaldo for endless collective and individual titles Lionel Messi misses Portuguese. This has been confessed in an extensive interview on the ‘DAZN’ channel of Italy, in which in addition to reviewing his career, current affairs and various topics around his club, the Football Club Barcelona, ​​also refers to his historic duel with The Portuguese.

“It is not easy to keep so many years competing at the highest level in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​very demanding clubs and the two best in the world,” he says. «The duels will remain forever. On a personal level, sports duels were very nice; people, whether from Madrid or Barcelona, ​​have enjoyed them »

And he doesn’t bite his tongue when he confesses that «the games against Madrid are always special, but they were even more so when Cristiano Ronaldo was there».

Go for the Gento record
Another curious detail of the interview is Messi’s peculiar desire for his next goals. The Argentine, despite not sharing the obsession of his nemesis with respect to numbers and records, explains that he would like to “match or exceed the Gento record, with 12 league championships … but I wish it for what it would mean for him club get it ». .


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