Meta: “augmented reality will replace telephony and virtual reality will replace our computers”

Michael Abrash, Head of Research at Metaestimate that technologies AR/VR will disrupt our current mobile phone and personal computing paradigms.

During a recent press conference in the laboratory of Michael Abrash, he said the following:

The way I see it is that AR glasses are always with you, except maybe when you’re using VR. It’s how your phone is always with you…if you think of it as the personal computer as a productivity device, and the phone as an always-connected device, then AR in the near future seems like to be the successor to the telephone and VR the successor to the personal computer.

Most the biggest current difficulty remains to inform the population about the difference between theAR and the VRamong others. If you live in the north of France (near Boulogne-sur-Mer), and you like immersive technologies, you may have booked your ticket for the national sea center that is Nausicaa. A whole new experience in RA is proposed there, and this through the helmet of Microsoft : l’HoloLense 2.

For testing the experience, we were amazed by the helmet AR of Microsoftdespite some chromatic aberrations and its rather small field of vision. Let’s not be choosy, however, having as a backdrop a gigantic and magnificent bay window teeming with aquatic animals and superimposing the whole thing on augmented reality seemed to us to be the most judicious choice.

It was a unique experience, which allowed us both to admire the show and at the same time, by lowering our eyes, to obtain all the characteristics of the animal displayed on the screen. The icing on the cake, we could even interact with the animals via our hands. Although these interactions are minimal, “the impact is very real”, to paraphrase Meta.

However, such a great experience was not understood by many customers, despite the article dedicated to them. Some found it absurd to “see people” and their environment when they expected a virtual reality experience, others thought we could get closer to the bay window to touch the whale (the joys of marketing) , when others thought that there was indeed a real whale in the aquarium, chanting that it was inadmissible to insert whales in an aquarium and that these species must live in freedom, in the sea.

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You see it, the digital divide is not limited to people who do not know how to use computer devices such as a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. It is really a question of designating people who have no idea how the technology around them works. This pedagogy should allow them to understand and better understand their environment. The aberrations that we have been able to read (see below) confirm this point of view: deciphering technology means deciphering reality and combating misinformation.


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