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The new update of will allow users to record what they see thanks to the colored transfer mode. The feature is already available for some people and should be coming soon for others.

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As is known, the augmented reality viewer was presented during the Meta Connect 2022, Directed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Now those who have one and want to record what they see, will be able to do so. To achieve this, they will have to press ‘record’ while using applications that merge reality with virtual reality.

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Another feature that the update brings is background audio playback. The user will be able to load a browser version of their streaming service onto the headset and listen while playing games or when trying to log into Horizon Workrooms.

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Likewise, You will be able to see what the avatar looks like in a new mirror placed in the home environment. The mobile app for iOS and Android has also been redesigned to make it easier to see when other people are online.

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