Meteoroid grazes Earth’s atmosphere before rebounding – vidéo

Sputnik France

Florent Zephir. Sputnik France–video/

The European Space Agency has shared images of a meteoroid grazing Earth’s atmosphere. The object, which could be observed thanks to a special network of cameras, continued its course without running aground on Earth.

A low speed car was spotted grazing the Earth’s atmosphere, reports the European Space Agency (ESA), which has shared images of its race on the Internet.

The meteoroid was spotted over Germany and the Netherlands, as it flew at an altitude of 91 km, much closer to Earth than any satellite in orbit.

Most objects of this type disintegrate on entering the atmosphere and fall to the ground in the form of meteorites, the European Space Agency said. But the spotted object did not descend low enough to be completely consumed, it therefore continued its course, touching the edges of the gas shield which surrounds our planet.

Grazing cars are relatively rare objects, which can only be observed a handful of times a year, the agency added.

A dedicated observation system

This meteoroid could be observed thanks to the cameras of the Global Meteor Network, a network specially dedicated to the monitoring of this type of object, which provides alerts in real time.

“The network is a decentralized scientific instrument, made up of amateur astronomers and scientists from all over the world, each with their own camera system. […] We make all the data, such as the trajectories and orbits of meteorites, available to the public, ”explains Denis Vida, the initiator of the initiative, on the ESA website.

The observation of these small objects allows to better understand the race potentially dangerous asteroids for Earth, or to anticipate meteor showers that could damage satellites, underlines the European Space Agency in its press release


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