Meteorology: Khamasini depression, dusty winds, and heat approaching the 40-degree mark

The Meteorological Authority revealed that the latest satellite images indicate a significant and noticeable rise in the… Temperatures Due to the blowing of active and dry southern winds that raise sand and dust over northern Upper Egypt, Cairo, the Canal cities, the northern coasts and the Western Desert, and accordingly, the horizontal visibility is significantly reduced.

Temperatures approach the 40-degree mark in most parts, and this is the first time that temperatures are expected to record 40 degrees in Cairo.

Today, Sunday, there is a noticeable rise in temperatures with values ​​​​up to 9 degrees in Cairo, so that very hot weather will prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, southern Sinai, northern Upper Egypt and southern Upper Egypt, moderate at night in all parts.

The Meteorological Authority stated that today, there will be wind activity in most parts of the Republic that will raise sand and dust on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts and northern Upper Egypt.

As for the temperatures, today, Sunday: Greater Cairo 39 degrees, the lowest 22 degrees, and Great Alexandria 38 degrees

Minor 21 degrees, Great Matruh 36 degrees, Minor 19 degrees, Great Sohag 41 degrees, Minor 23 degrees, Great Qena 41 degrees, Minor 24 degrees, Great Aswan 42 degrees, Minor 25 degrees, Great Saint Catherine 32 degrees and Little 15.

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