Metro Director guarantees the opening of Line 1 on time after fire and floods

Despite the dissemination of images where they are seen some stations on Line 1 flooded of the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro, the head of the body, Florence Serrania, commented that there will be no delays for the reopening on next january 25, since the cleaning works are carried out and it is checked that there were no damages.

“Line 1 had no power for 10 days, so we expected this to be happening, the levels have already dropped, it is complex work, it is hard work. There are our people working, we all know our deadlines and this is concatenated, the stair motors are at the top, therefore, it did not suffer any damage.

“We are reviewing all the facilities so that when the user arrives, the facilities are as they are known,” he said.

Without specifying which ones, Serranía Soto commented that there are three seasons where there was a higher level of water; however, there are crews of workers throughout the line that check station by station to verify if there are more impacts.

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The director of the Metro also assured that pose no risk for users or for operation.

“It will be released shortly, users do not worry when they arrive, everything will be working in the best way,” he said.

In recent days a fire was registered in the Buen Tono electrical substation that has so far left several Metro Lines without electricity, so they have not provided service.

There will be no increase in the rate

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, assured that the STC fee will remain at 5 pesos, despite the work being done to reactivate the lines and modernization.

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“The Metro rate is not going to go up, let me be very clear. We have this incident, we are going to carry out, in time, the emerging program, but it is also the commitment to modernization, “he said.

He recalled that in the past administration, Miguel Angel Mancera, the rate was raised from 3 to 5 pesos, and in 2018 a Metro was received with many problems.

“In order not to get into what was done before and others, but if a Metro was received that had many problems,” said the head of government.



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