Metro Line 1 stations are flooded with sewage


Stations of Metro Line 1 were flooded with wastewater, since the sump system did not work for several days due to the lack of electrical power caused by the fire at the Buen Tono substation, on January 9.

A video circulated on social networks showing a flood apparently in the facilities of the Balbuena station. In this station the water covered part of an escalator.

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Photographs of the flooding also circulated in the lobby and ticket office area of ​​Zaragoza station.

There are more photographs of other facilities and track areas, but it is not possible to see which stations they correspond to.

Florencia Serranía, director of the Collective Transport System, acknowledged that stations were aggravated by the lack of operation of the carcamos system.

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However, during his daily report he did not give details of how many of the 20 stations on Line 1 this occurred or quantify the damage.

Now we are totally focused on fixed installations, on tracks, on electrical and electronic installations and hydraulic installations, this is important since the line has been stopped for 12 days and without electricity, because we have to evacuate the water tanks that receive water from different buildings that are on Line 1 and that we have already started the desilting, ”said Florencia Serranía.

In the afternoon, the Collective Transportation System (STC) reported that its personnel are working on de-silting work at the stations as part of the restoration of Lines 1, 2 and 3.

In photographs released by the agency, crews are seen working with bilge pumps in the vicinity of Zaragoza.

WATERLOGGED. The sump system, which serves to send the wastewater to the drainage system, was shut down due to the lack of electricity. Photo: Special


The director of the Metro assured that three systems will guarantee the safety in the operation of the trains: the automatic piloting of the trains, telemetry and communication via radio; they will also maintain a minimum distance of 200 meters from each other to avoid hits.

Serranía indicated in videoconference that they continue to work on coordinating the energization of the trains and their coordination with the provisional checkpoint and telemetry.


The Congress of Mexico City urged the Secretary of Government so that it reaches an agreement with the Government of the State of Mexico and representatives of the private initiative and staggered schedules are established to start work activities, so that transport is not saturated while the Metro service is restored.

It would be a temporary measure to prevent further cases of covid-19, ”said Margarita Saldaña, president of the Board of Directors, when presenting the point of agreement, which was approved yesterday during the Standing Committee.

The PAN legislator considered that there is saturation in the Light Train, Metrobús and Trolleybuses and considered that the efforts of the current administration to provide transportation have been exceeded.

This situation, he said, could increase the chances that people will catch it.

-Georgina Olson

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