Mexican billionaire and Game of Thrones actress buy bitcoin and tweet it

Ricardo Salinas Pliego. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego

2020 appears to have been one of the best years for Bitcoin (BTC) with a booming price and a growing number of prominent investors and celebrities looking to engage as publicly as possible, most often via Twitter.

The latest to log on to Twitter to announce that he has boarded the Bitcoin train is Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the founder of the business empire Salinas Group, close associate of the president of the country and owner of a fortune estimated at 13.2 billion dollars.

In a series of tweets, Salinas appears to have revealed himself to be a true Bitcoin evangelist, telling his more than 808,000 followers that he had invested 10% of his “liquid wallet” in BTC.

In a tweet, which he has since pinned, he shared a video of a person from a Latin American nation who appears to be throwing bags full of cash.

Mr. Salinas said,
β€œTo start with #bitcoin, I’m sharing a video taken in a Latin American country where banks throw money away (paper money isn’t worth anything). That’s why it’s always good to diversify your portfolio from ‘investments’.

In another tweet, Salinas recommended the very good book of Saifedean Ammous: L’Bitcoin standard (subtitled The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banks).

Meanwhile, the actress Maisie Williams (who played Arya Stark in the drama series Game of Thrones) stirred the cryptosphere on Twitter. She had asked her 2.7 million followers if they thought she should “embark on buying Bitcoin”.

A total of 902,304 people voted in response to his question, 53.4% ​​voted “no” – and 46.6% advised him to take the plunge.

She then replied that she had bought some anyway. As might be expected, cryptocurrency advocates on Twitter approved.

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