Mexican journalist Álvaro Morales (ESPN) explodes after Argentina vs. Mexico

The program that is broadcast at night in Mexico was like its name: spicy. Morales, true to his style, threw harsh phrases, but this time he did not say anything about Messi, who scored a great goalbut against the Argentine coach who is in charge of the Mexican team.

“I told you: Gerardo el ‘Tata’ Martino delivered the game tactically. What did we expect if we had the Trojan horse at home. Who the hell wanted us to win? Because he did absolutely nothing to make us do it. Or did he want his country to win? ”, The journalist commented in this video.

As he is in Qatar and was close to the fans in the match that Mexico lost 2-0 against Argentinastood up for the people who were in the Lusail stadium and assured that the country’s inhabitants do have money.

“Today the Mexican fans who made a great effort to come here, no matter how much money we have, because we have a lot of money, today they leave disappointed,” said the journalist.

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His criticisms against ‘Tata’ Martino were constant and he mentioned the alleged salary you earn in Mexico: “What did Tata Martino intend with these changes: put that game on a silver platter. ‘Tata’ who did you direct for? For us or for them? Who pays you 3 million dollars a year? Only U.S”.

Álvaro Morales also attacked the Argentine press, which during the day supported the coach of the Mexican national team. For this reason, the journalist brought out a very nationalist message. “The Argentine press, which is a whole entourage that ‘Tata’ began to replicate, today says that it’s not ‘Tata’s’ fault, but rather that he doesn’t have elite players. We have never had it and we have always qualified for the round of 16. We have a collective force”.

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The term, widely used in soccer slang, was said before the match between Mexico and Argentina. It is common for him to make these kinds of comments on his social networks and in the program he works for, but as this case said about the maximum star of the ArgentinesHis message did not go unnoticed.

That was how he referred to the striker who scored a great goal this Saturday to give the first stitch in Argentina’s victory.

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