mexicana documents in networks trip from New York to march

  • AMLO is considered the second most influential politician in the world, according to Morning Consult.

  • Within social networks, the transmission of various live links has been carried out, where the visit of various latitudes of the country and the world, to the march, is documented, especially in TikTok, Facebook e Instagramwho have these services streaming.

  • Taking to the streets to carry out protests highlights the role that external media have in communicating with users.

The march called by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, AMLO As it is known in networks, it has recorded all kinds of stories on social networks, which reveal how important the call to go out to the streets has become, with stories like that of a Mexican woman who lives in New York and documented her trip on board of a Uberthen on a plane, to get to said march.

This decision by AMLO to call a march occurs after a demonstration was registered in Mexico City, against the electoral reform, which proposes, among other initiatives, to regulate the onerous spending among senior officials of the National Electoral Institute (INE). ), which is not exclusive to this federal agency, since this problem of excessive salaries is evident in powers such as the SCJN, Congress and even in the Electoral Tribunal, as well as in various state agencies.

“AMLO pagó mi Uber”

His Monroewho has just over a thousand followers on Twitterdocumented his trip from New York, where he lives, to Mexico City where the brand called by President López Obrador is developed.

The woman commented ironically since she took a Uber in New York, that AMLO had paid for his trip and that he was happy to be able to attend the march for his “frutsy” and his “torta”.

This type of documentation, of the participation of people in an event called for political purposes, is one of the many that occur in the world and that turn outer space into a venuethereby highlighting the importance of external media.

Having said this, it is important to see the interest that brands place in the foreign market and not only that, the ability of companies to generate conversation in these spaces. In fact, if we see projections of Magnaestablish that investment in advertising within OOH increased by 17 percent, placing this space as one of the three that increased its investment the most in the world.

Given this expectation, an interesting communication resource in the market is evident and it is the one that is built from creativity. For example, it is important to see the challenge that exists in communication, with increasingly valuable resources in the market, such as what was activated in Dubai, the region where the World Cup meeting is taking place and Tom Ford He had the idea of ​​promoting his glasses, with spectacular ads that have attracted attention, being documented on social networks as we show below.

The external medium grows in relevance and part of the exercise that has managed to establish with creativity through greater investment, due to the presence of the consumer in the streets, solidifies the importance of thinking in this medium for the guidelines of a brand and proximity.

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