Mexico crosses 100,000 Covid-19 dead threshold

Published on : 20/11/2020 – 08:28

Mexico has passed the threshold of 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus, days after reaching one million cases of contamination, according to official data released Thursday.

Dark record in Mexico. At least 100,000 people have succumbed to Covid-19 in this country, where cases of contamination have exceeded one million, the Mexican authorities announced Thursday, November 20.

“Today in Mexico, 100,000 people have lost their lives due to Covid-19,” said Hugo Lopez-Gatell, responsible in the government for the strategy to fight the epidemic.

The country of 129 million people now has 100,104 deaths for 1,019,543 confirmed cases since the pandemic struck Mexico at the end of February, said José Luis Alomia, director general of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health. “The causes of death in Mexico have been dominated by chronic disease,” said Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

These figures represent an increase over the past 24 hours of 4,472 confirmed cases and 576 deaths. Mexico is the fourth country to cross the 100,000 death mark, behind the United States, Brazil and India. It is the eleventh country in the world in number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants (77), according to AFP statistics.

“We don’t know where this is going”

In June, Hugo Lopez-Gatell estimated that in a “catastrophic scenario” the country would have 60,000 dead. But, after having come under strong criticism, the manager refrained from making new projections.

For Malaquias Lopez, epidemiologist and former health ministry official, Mexico is exceeding death predictions at a time when experts do not have a clear vision for the future. “In Mexico we’ve had an upswing that’s been delayed, a prolonged plateau and we’re at a point where we don’t see a clear downswing, we don’t know where it’s going,” he explained.

Since the first case in Mexico on February 28, the number of weekly infections has exceeded 50,000 at the 29e week of the epidemic, to stabilize around 30,000 at the 38e week. However, last month they rebounded to 40,000 in the first week of November, according to official figures.

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“There are contagions, but fortunately (…) there are fewer deaths and that is the goal, that we manage to reduce the number of deaths,” President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador said this week. Mexico is already working to gain access in 2021 to a potential vaccine against Covid-19 through agreements with laboratories in Europe, the United States and China.

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