Mexico defeated South Korea in Austria

Mexico suffered 66 minutes, to finally resolve the game against South Korea in four.

Victory that it took a lot of work to get to Gerardo Martino’s team, who had a brilliant first half at stake and terrible in force, evidenced by the dream trident that went blank, to loose hair in the second half and sign a victory of 3-2.

Thus, the Tata in his game 21 at the head of the Mexican National Team, reached the 18 game won mark; two tied and only one lost.

But in the end, what should be noted is that in the face of a rival that looked weaker than expected, putting aside the threat of not playing due to the Covid-19 outbreak that occurred in Asians, Mexico lacked a frontal punch, it had to resorting to wear and tear over time to get to open a defense that everyone knew, he was going to play to try to be made of iron, in the end, he became aluminum.

The National Team won, but you have to be more serious when defining, because you never have to consent to the rival, you always have to finish it.

And it was by note how Mexico played during the first half, but it lacked the penny for the weight. He missed the goal.

Seven clear opportunities had the Gerardo Martino team, who used “Tridente” at the end of 129 million dollars, to attack players who are referents in their teams in Europe: Hirving Lozano from Napoli. Raul Jiménez from Wolverhampton and Jesús Manuel Corona from Porto. None could get it.

The script was clear from the beginning, South Korea took to the rear, to take care of the zero and then think about the opposite goal from the hand of Son Heung-min of Tottenham.
So it was planned and so it was.

Mexico faced a new challenge, to try to open the lock of a team that plays like this by system and history, that does the only thing it knows how to do well. Martino’s team did not do badly because he generated, there were easily seven clear plays to score, some where he was close to scoring, others where he failed and some more where it was ridiculous.

It was 20 minutes of total dominance, until in a tri-angle Son Heung-min passed to Hwang-U who “bruised” shot on goal, Hugo González arrived, but did not stop the ball … Goalkeeper error, error by the entire defense.

After the goal against, Mexico continued to insist, with less imagination but equal clarity. Chucky sent a shot to the post; Jiménez wanted to pump off the hook and in another Lozano center, Jiménez again made a mistake in his shot.

To this we had to tell him two more shots from Lozano and Raúl Jiménez, and a very clear one from Jesús Manuel Corona where he was alone in front of the goal and failed in the shot and counterattack.

The magic of Mexico is over for the second part. Korea measured the Tricolor and Gerardo Martino the “dream trident” ended at 53 minutes, when Corona yielded his place to Uriel Antuna.

The minutes of adaptation to the changes were the darkest of the national team, so much so that the Koreans got bigger, they insisted on playing from their area and their hand strength collapsed, now, by Orbelín Pineda, who first scored a center to the leg of Jiménez, who finally got it right (66 ‘) and two minutes later (68’) he leaked a great ball to Uriel Antuna that he defined in a great way.

With the Korea team delivered, Carlos Salcedo shot in the box and scored the third (70 ‘). With the game defined, the plot did not change: more arrivals, not very clear, but the same flaws.

Near the end, Won on a combed ball on a corner kick, scored the second Korean (87 ‘).


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