Mexico recovers 5,746 archaeological pieces and historical documents in 3 years

The head of Culture, Alejandra Frausto, pointed out that since 2018 to date, 5,746 archaeological pieces and historical documents have been recovered, which were repatriated from five countries.

Alejandra Frausto, Head of Culture from the National Palace / Cuartoscuro

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Alejandra Frausto, Head of Culture from the National Palace / Cuartoscuro

“From December to 2018 to date, 5,746 assets have been repatriated, of which 5,149 are archaeological assets and 597 historical, in the last days we were witnesses of particular cases,” said the head of Culture.

During the conference from National Palace, the head of Culture pointed out that on September 16, as a gift from Italy, she was informed that they stopped an event where they wanted to auction important pieces from Mexico.

“Heritage is not a luxury item, it has no price, we call on the authorities to suspend these actions that threaten the culture and identity of peoples and nations. Heritage is not sold, it is loved and defended, it is not possible to love what is not known ”, he mentioned.

And he indicated: “we are very grateful because 633 pieces have been repatriated, 22 arrived on Friday and 17 more are in process.”

And he specified that “the foregoing is thanks to national efforts that will help prevent this type of event from being carried out – auctions of national pieces -” for example, he explained “that an auction in Germany was a failure.”

In addition, he indicated that the recovered pieces can be seen in the great exhibition that will be exhibited in two places: in the emblematic building of the Ministry of Public Education and in the National Museum of Anthropology.

He also thanked the ambassadors for their efforts to recover the pieces and said that “together we will continue to take care of the symbols that give us identity.”

And he highlighted the participation of Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez, because without her participation “all this would not be possible.”

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