Mexico’s Tata Martino beat South Korea 3-2 in a friendly date FIFA video goals summary

In an international friendly played in Austria, Mexico got a worked victory over South Korea, in which the Tata Martino team had to overcome the scoreboard to finally win 3-2.

In the first half, Mexico had several scoring chances to score; however, it was South Korea who got ahead on the scoreboard thanks to Hwang Ui-Jo’s goal in the 20 after Son’s goal, who took advantage of a rude error by Hugo Gonzales.

With the 1-0 against they went to rest and Tata Martino expressed to his team that they must be more effective, because they were failing a lot when defining.

El Tri managed to score three goals in just five minutes: Raúl Jiménez 67 ‘, Uriel Antuna 69’ and Carlos Salcedo 70 ‘. Kwon Kyung-won put the discount for South Korea. Finally, time was up and the Aztecs won 3-2.

Mexico vs. South Korea: minute by minute live


90 + 3 ‘End of the game. Mexico wins 3-2 over South Korea

87 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOL of South Korea. Kwon Kyung-won puts the discount against Mexico

83 ‘Two more changes in Mexico. Carlos Salcedo and Chucky Lozano leave, Nestor Araujo and Rodolfo Pizarro enter

82 ‘Very crossed shot of Charly García. It was the fourth for Mexico

79 ‘Mexico prepares new changes to liquidate the match

77 & # 39; Uriel Antuna threatens inwards and then finishes off the goal, but the ball goes high and deflected

70 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO from Mexico. GOOOL from Carlos Salcedo makes it 3-1

68 ‘GOOOOOOL of Mexico. GOOOL from Uriel Antuna to turn the scoreboard

66 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOL of Mexico. Error in exit of Cora del Sur, Orbelín center and GOL of Raúl Jiménez

62 ‘Change in South Korea. Lee Jae Seung left to make way for Nam Tae Hee

61 & # 39; UFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Shot with Raúl Jiménez’s right wing that is lost centimeters outside

59 & # 39; Mexico badly stopped but Hugo Gonzáles avoids the second goal of South Korea after the powerful shot of Hwang U

54 ‘Mexico makes two changes. Uriel Antuna and Orbolin Pineda enter, Jesus Corona and Sebastián Córdova leave

49 & # 39; Carlos Salcedo heads off and the ball goes just over the crossbar

There are no changes in Mexico for this second half. The technician has asked to better finish the chances generated


45 ‘End of the first half. Mexico 0-1 South Korea

40 ‘Final stretch of the first half. Mexico is slightly higher, but has not specified the opportunities generated

33 & # 39; The draw almost came for Mexico, but GU is in a good afternoon that already avoids a couple of goals

30 ‘Close! Raúl Lozano’s shot after a pass from Lozano and the ball barely went over the goal defended by GU

25 ‘Yellow card for Lee Ju-young for a hard foul against Mexican Chucky Lozano

23 & # 39; Mexico seeks with all the tie with dangerous arrival against a goalkeeper Gu who is spectacular

20 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOL from South Korea. GOOOOL by Hwang U that surprises goalkeeper Hugo Gonzáles

14 & # 39; NOOOOO! Tecatito Corona had two chances to score but failed both times before a monumental intervention Sungyun Gu

11 & # 39; CLOSE! Lozano finishes off the goal and the ball just goes over the goal. The Mexicans asked for a penalty but the referee let the play run

10 & # 39; Cordova center looking for a draw, but the defense of South Korea is anticipated

7 & # 39; Heung-Min Son of Tottenham is the main reference of Korea Suc

4 ‘UFFFFFF! Raúl Jiménez’s header that just passes the side of the right post

– Roll the ball. Mexico and South Korea face off in an international friendly

– The game starts in a few minutes.

– Attention! Confirmed training from Mexico: González, Gallardo, Moreno, Salcedo, Rodríguez, Álvarez, Córdova, C. Rodríguez, Hirving Lozano, Jesús Corona, Raúl Jiménez.

– Substitutes: Rodolfo Cota, Guillermo Ochoa, Néstor Araujo, César Montes, Luis Romo, Jorge Sánchez, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Roberto Alvarado, Uriel Antuna, Diego Lainez, Orbelín Pineda, Rodolfo Pizarro and Henry Martín.

– Attention! Confirmed line-up from South Korea: Sungyun Gu, Taehwan Kim, Juyong Lee, Wooyoung Jung, Heung-Min Son, Jaesung Lee, Junho Son, Uijo Hwang, Dujae Won, Kyungwon Kwon, and Sejong Ju.

– Welcome to coverage of the game between Mexico and South Korea!

Mexico vs. South Korea: confirmed lineups

Mexico: González, Gallardo, Moreno, Salcedo, Rodríguez, Álvarez, Córdova, C. Rodríguez, Hirving Lozano, Jesús Corona, Raúl Jiménez.

South Korea: Sungyun Gu, Taehwan Kim, Juyong Lee, Wooyoung Jung, Heung-Min Son, Jaesung Lee, Junho Son, Uijo Hwang, Dujae Won, Kyungwon Kwon, and Sejong Ju.

Mexico vs. South Korea: match history

2018-06-23 – South Korea 1-2 Mexico (2018 World Cup)

2014-01-30 – Mexico 4-0 South Korea (Friendlies 2014)

2006-02-15 – Mexico 0-1 South Korea (Friendlies 200)

2002-01-27 – Mexico 0-0 (2-4 pen.) South Korea (2002 Gold Cup)

2001-06-01 – South Korea 2-1 Mexico (Confederations 2001)

1999-06-12 – South Korea 1-1 Mexico (1999 Friendlies)

1998-06-13 – South Korea 1-3 Mexico (1998 World Cup)

1989-08-08 – Mexico 4-2 South Korea (Friendlies 1989)

1985-12-10 – Mexico 2-1 South Korea (Friendlies 1985)

1985-12-03 – Mexico 2-1 South Korea (Friendlies 1985)

1981-02-10 – Mexico 4-0 South Korea (Friendlies 1981)

1980-02-26 – Mexico 0-1 South Korea Friendlies (1980)

Mexico vs. South Korea

The team directed by Gerardo Martino will continue with their preparatory duels. Last month, the ‘charros’ played important trials against the Netherlands, whom they beat 1-0, and against Algeria, with whom they equalized 2-2.

Now it will be the turn of Asian teams: South Korea and Japan. They will compete against the first one this Saturday, November 14, while they will compete against Japan next Tuesday. “They are two of the best Asian exponents,” Martino declared.

“We observe that Korea presents a higher pressure than Japan that allows the exit. We will see if this is confirmed,” added the Argentine strategist who has been praised for the good work he has been developing.

For his part, Paulo Bento will try to provide that support to the South Korean squad after having had an important experience in the Portugal team: he managed Cristiano Ronaldo.

“If we get hooked on trying to get revenge, it will only increase the possibility of losing the game. We have to stay focused on the action on the field, and I will remind our players,” Bento explained around the fall of South Korea at the hands of of Mexico in the 2014 World Cup Brazil.

Mexico vs South Korea: schedules in the world

country Time
Peru 3:00 p.m.
Colombia 3:00 p.m.
Mexico 3:00 p.m.
Uruguay 5:00 p.m.
Argentina 5:00 p.m.
United States 3:00 p.m.
Spain 00:00 hours
France 00:00 hours
Chile 5:00 p.m.
Ecuador 3:00 p.m.
Costa Rica 16:00 hours
Germany 00:00 hours
Bolivia 16:00 hours

“Personally I want to win because there is something pending, they caused us pain,” Son said, recalling the defeat that caused the elimination of the World Cup. “When we met to begin the concentration for this game, I explained to our players what this game can mean,” he explained.

Mexico vs South Korea: previous match sheet

Mexico vs South Korea – FIFA International Friendly
1. When do they play? Saturday, November 14
2. In what place? Wiener Neustädter, Austria
3. What time to see? 00:00 h (ESP); 15:00 h (PER); 5:00 p.m. (ARG)
4. What channel does it transmit? TUDN

Mexico vs South Korea: Probable lineups

Mexico: Guillermo Ochoa, Luis Rodríguez, Néstor Araujo, Héctor Moreno, Jesús Gallardo, Edson Álvarez, Héctor Herrera, Sebastián Córdova, Jesús Corona, Raúl Jiménez, Hirving Lozano.

DT Gerardo Martino.

South Korea: Hyeon-woo Jo, Tae-hwan Kim, Min-jae Kim, Kyung-won Kwon, Jin-su Kim, Jun-ho Son, In-beom Hwang, Woo-yeong Jeong, Kang-in Lee, Hee-chan Hwang, Heung-min Son.

DT Paulo Bento.

Where to watch TUDN LIVE Mexico vs. South Korea?

Sky Sports (Mexico): Channel 547 (SD) and Channel 1547 (HD).

Sky Sports (Argentina): Canal 547 (SD) y Canal 1547 (HD).

Sky Sports (Puerto Rico): Channel 547 (SD) and Channel 1547 (HD).

Dish Network (United States): Channel 869 (HD).

DirecTV (United States): Channel 464 (HD).

AT&T (United States): Channel 658.

Verizon FiOS (United States): Channel 1524.

Eli NRT (Mexico, Monclova): Channel 55 (SD), Channel 132.36 (+1), Channel 132.37 (+2) and Channel 132.38 (HD).

Cable Onda (Panama): Canal 390 (SD) and Canal 1390 (HD).

Telecable (Costa Rica): Channel 231 (SD) and Channel 777 (HD).

Galaxia 5 (Guatemala): Channel 39.

Altice (Dominican Republic): Channel 355.

Cable Color (El Salvador): Channel 44.

Color Cable (Honduras): Channel 50 (Analog) and Channel 215 (Digital).

Tigo (El Salvador): Channel 30.

Tigo (Honduras): Channel 53 (Analog) and Channel 301 (Digital).

Mayavisión (Honduras): Channel 45.

+ Mobile (Panama): Channel 254 (HD).

Izzi (Mexico): Channel 501 (SD) and Channel 890 (HD).

Claro TV (Puerto Rico): Channel 614 (SD) and Channel 1614 (HD).

Where to watch Televisa Deportes LIVE Mexico vs. South Korea?

Sky Sports (Mexico): Channel 105 (SD) and Channel 1105 (HD).

Dish (Mexico): Channel 105 (SD) and Channel 605 (HD).

Star TV (Mexico): Channel 105.

Izzi (Mexico): Channel 5 (SD), Channel 105 (SD) and Channel 805 (HD).

Megacable (Mexico): Channel 105 (SD), Channel 1105 (SD) and Channel 231 (Satellite).

Cable Sat (Mexico): Channel 105 and Channel 106 (Timeshit +2).

Cable Norte (Mexico): Channel 5 and Channel 6 (Timeshit +2).

NRT Monclova: Canal 5 y Canal 119 (HD).

Smart TV (Mexico): Channel 105.

TotalPlay (México): Canal 105 (HD).

Where to watch TV Azteca Deportes LIVE Mexico vs. South Korea?

Sky Sports (Mexico): Channel 107 (SD) and Channel 1107 (HD).

Dish (Mexico): Channel 107 (SD) and Channel 607 (HD).

Star TV (Mexico): Channel 107.

Izzi (Mexico): Channel 7 (SD), Channel 107 (SD) and Channel 807 (HD).

TotalPlay (Mexico): Channel 7 (SD) and Channel 107 (SD).

South Cable (Mexico): Channel 31.

Megacable (Mexico): Channel 107 (SD) and Channel 1107 (SD).

North Cable (Mexico): Channel 3.

NRT Monclova: Canal 38.

Intercable (Mexico): Channel 3.

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