MH17 Court: Recordings of DPR Military Talks on Buk Movement Announced

  • Olga Ivshina
  • BBC

Photo author, Getty Images

In the court in the case of the Boeing MH17 crash in the skies over Donbass in 2014, several new records of interceptions by high-ranking military personnel of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic were released, in which they discuss in detail the transportation of a Buk anti-aircraft missile system across their territory on was shot down.

In court, they lost the recordings of the negotiations between the head of the DPR intelligence service Sergei Dubinsky and the deputy commander of the Vostok battalion of the DPR Alexander Semyonov, the negotiations between Dubinsky and the DPR Minister of Defense Igor Girkin, as well as numerous negotiations between Dubinsky and his subordinates in the intelligence battalion.

So, seven hours before the disaster, Dubinsky and his subordinate, a retired officer of the military intelligence of the Russian army, Oleg Pulatov, could discuss sending a Buk towards the village of Pervomayskoye in the Donetsk region. It was from there, according to the JIT investigators, that the rocket was later launched, which was shot down. “boing,on the flight MH17 Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

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