Mhoni Vidente Predicts Kamala Harris TO ASSUME US PRESIDENCY; Biden will not finish his term: VIDEO

The Cuban astrologer Mhoni Seer earned recognition for his predictions, many of which have come true. One of them is the one he made at the beginning of November regarding the elections of state United, about who would be the winner.

Mhoni Seer predicted that Joe Biden would win the presidential elections, although with a difference in votes compared to his competitor, Donald Trump.

But this does not end here, but the Cuban was encouraged to mention that one of the characters was going to die. However, he did not say who it was.

On November 12, during a video, this famous seer affirmed that the person who will lose his life will be the next president of the state United.

The Year of the Woman

Joe Biden will not be able to finish his term, but Kamala Harris (vice president) yes, affirmed Mhoni Seer. It should be noted that if this prediction were fulfilled, Harris would become the first woman in history to assume power in the Union Americana.

At the same time, the astrologer pointed out that the arrival of Kamala to the presidency of the most powerful country in the world could mean a great change for women around the world. 2021 will be the year of women, he said Seer.


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