Mhoni Vidente UNCOCKS David Zepeda’s romantic relationships, who is he with? VIDEO

A few weeks ago the actor and television host, David zepeda became a topic of conversation in show business after the alleged suicide of Daniel Urquiza, The King of Extensions, as it transpired that they had a sentimental relationship.

It was the program “Chisme no like“The person in charge of sharing the rumor because the actor and the stylist allegedly had a courtship; however, the former would have preferred to keep it in the shadows and not talk about it in front of the media.

Now, the most accurate fortune teller in the country, Mhoni Vidente ended the rumors and spoke about the personal life of the protagonist of soap operas such as “Sortilegio”, “Overcome the lack of love” and “For loving without law.”

What did he say?

During his collaboration in the program “Here with you“from El Heraldo TV, Rev. Vidente confessed that, currently, David zepeda has a romantic relationship with two people: a man and a woman.

According to his predictions, one of his romantic partners will break the silence and talk about his courtship with the renowned actor.

The Cuban confessed that, a few years ago, she predicted the sexual preferences of David zepeda, who attacked her claiming that they were pure speculation; Mhoni Seer confessed that she says “predictions not gossip”.


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