Mia Khalifa’s double appears already surprised everyone

The name of Mia Khalifa is perhaps one of the best known around the world, any news related to the former actress always surprising, can you imagine if there was a double? it seems that on Twitter this young woman actually does exist.

A few days ago it has been circulating two Photographs where a young woman appears who claims to be very similar to the model and former actress Mia Khalifa who is a strong personality of Instagram.

As you know, the calendar model is originally from Beirut, Lebanon, is currently 27 years old, and is a businesswoman, housewife, model and social media personality, although her past still continues to haunt her like it or not, it was thanks to certain films that she managed to become even more famous.

On Instagram, he has around 21 million 600 thousand followers, so each of his publications becomes popular immediately.

Although she has constantly stated that she does not want to make adult films again, perhaps some of her followers are hopeful that she will return again, because with only 29 films she became one of the most wanted women on the Internet.

It would not be a surprise if several girls wanted to have a story similar to Mia’s in the matter of becoming internationally famous, although she affirms that during the time she worked making said content, she did not feel comfortable so after 3 months He decided to resign, that did not take away the popularity that he acquired in so few months.

The account of Laura the young woman who claims to have the greatest resemblance to the model has just 298 followers, and although she does indeed have certain characteristics like the young businesswoman, like Mia Khalifa there are not two.

Another name by which the model is also known is Mia Callista, so much has been her popularity that several artists have even made songs in her honor, or at least using her name in the title of the melodies.

These groups have released a song in honor of Khalifa

  • Durant
  • Alex Rose ft. Almighty
  • Skan ft. M.I.M.E
  • Timeflies

Mia is engaged to her boyfriend Robert Sandberg, who is a chef and is constantly aware of delicious dishes that she proudly shares, like some restaurants she attends, it is more than clear that the businesswoman likes to eat a lot.

Currently Mia Khalifa is a sports commentator, she also has a private page where her subscribers have access to content from her photo shoots, as well as being an Instagram personality she has the opportunity to work with various companies promoting their products, just as they do. great internet personalities.

Although he no longer dedicates himself to doing it as openly as before, he continues to show off his beauty on social networks, especially on Instagram, Twitter uses it a little more to give certain points of view, especially at the moment that the government of Beirut is passing her country of origin, although her family moved to the United States when she was very young, she does not forget her roots.

In Tik Tok she has also become quite a personality, thanks to her fun and above all entertaining videos, the model and businesswoman has gained more followers in the application, although it is her name that carries the most weight.

As she is about to marry her boyfriend, she decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, to change the appearance of her nose a bit, in reality it did not change much but the change is noticeable, she mentioned that she wanted to look perfect on the big day.

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