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Next Sunday is the tenth game day in the NFL. We take a look at the best NFL bets and betting tips for this game. The Miami Dolphins meet the Los Angeles Chargers at the local Hard Rock Stadium. Last season, both teams were still among the weakest in the AFC. In the current season, the tide has turned for the Dolphins and Head Coach Brian Flores in particular. For the first time since 2016 you have the chance of making it into the playoffs. The Los Angeles Chargers and Head Coach Anthony Lynn would also like to advance a round. The Chargers didn’t manage to do that either last season. So far, it doesn’t look as if that would still be possible. Will the Miami Dolphins take the next step towards the playoffs or will the Los Angeles Chargers manage the surprise? First the best providers from our sports betting test for NFL bets.

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NFL Betting: Miami Dolphins – Los Angeles Chargers Preview

The starting position of the two teams is very different. The Miami Dolphins are in ninth place in the AFC. However, their performance is actually better than the table space suggests. They have won five of their eight games so far. Theoretically, the Dolphins would even have the chance to get a place in the playoffs, but they still have to win a few important games. The point difference is 222: 161 extremely good and clearly in the positive range. In the division they occupy second place behind the Buffalo Bills, who won seven of their nine games. But there is no danger from behind, the New England Patriots have only won three times and the New York Jets are even still without a win. The Los Angeles Chargers are only 14th in the Conference. They have only won two of the eight previous games. So far, only the Jacksonville Jaguars are weaker with one, and the Jets with the aforementioned zero wins. In the AFC West this performance is only enough for the last place in the table. The Kansas City Chiefs lead this division unchallenged. They won eight of the nine games. It is followed by the Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos, who can only boast one more success than the Chargers. For the Chargers, the playoffs seem almost out of reach, but the season’s goal cannot be just two wins. You have to win.

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins
Image: imago images / ZUMA Wire

Miami Dolphins: The Current Form

The current shape of the Miami Dolphins is good. You recently won four times in a row. Under Head Coach Brian Flores, the Dolphins started the season with two defeats, but recently refuted this poor performance. Since losing to the Seattle Seahawks on Matchday 4, they have been unbeaten. They met the San Francisco 49ers on game day five. That game ended in a 43:17 win for the Dolphins. In this game, kicker Jason Sanders scored five field goals and four extra points. This is a real top value, with which he almost single-handedly done the 49ers. He also performed well again in the next encounter. The game against the New York Jets won the Dolphins 0:24. The jets didn’t score a single point and were completely lost. The subsequent victory over the Los Angeles Rams was almost as confident. The game on matchday eight went to the Dolphins at 17:28. Especially in the first half, the Dolphins really turned up. They even scored 21 points in the second quarter and provided three touchdowns. In the second half they didn’t score any more. With 471: 145 yards, the Rams also gained significantly more space. Still, they couldn’t do anything against the Dolphins. Most recently they beat the Arizona Cardinals 34:31. The Cardinals are one of the top teams in the NFC this season and recently even beat the Seattle Seahawks.

Miami Dolphins: The latest results

  • 8.11.: Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals 34:31 (9. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 1.11.: Los Angeles Rams at Miami Dolphins 17:28 (8. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 18.10.: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins 0:24 (6. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 11.10.: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers 43:17 (5. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 4.10.: Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins 31:23 (4. Spieltag Regular Season)

Los Angeles Chargers: The Current Form

The Los Angeles Chargers started the season with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals. In the further course of the season, the Chargers and Head Coach Anthony Lynn also faced difficult tasks. They faced opponents like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the New Orleans Saints. There wasn’t much to gain for the Chargers in these games. They only celebrated their second success of the season on the seventh day of play, namely over the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have been one of the weakest teams in the NFL this season. With 29:39 the result was quite clear. Especially in the second half, the Chargers really turned up. They won this with 15:23. The passing yards in particular provided space and points. With 154: 349 passing yards, they also threw the much better passes. On the following day, the encounter with the Denver Broncos ended much closer. The Chargers lost the game in the final quarter when the Broncos brought a pass into the end zone just before the end. This was decisive for the game, because the final score was 30:31 from the Chargers’ point of view. Most recently they met the Las Vegas Raiders. They also lost this game 7-0, 7-17, 14-3 and 3-6 in the second half. The space gained by 160: 312 passing yards could not help them to victory in the end.

Los Angeles Chargers: The latest results

  • 8.11.: Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers 31:26 (9. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 1.11.: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos 30:31 (8. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 25.10.: Jacksonville Jaguars at Los Angeles Chargers 29:39 (7. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 13.10.: Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints 27:30 n.V. (5. Spieltag Regular Season)
  • 4.10.: Los Angeles Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31:38 (4. Spieltag Regular Season)

NFL betting: Miami Dolphins – Los Angeles Chargers head-to-head comparison

So far, the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Chargers have met 31 times. The balance for the Dolphins is a little better, because they have won 18 times. The Chargers only won 13 of the games. The two teams last met in September 2019. Back then, the Chargers secured a sovereign 30:10 victory. The last victory of the Dolphins dates back to 2017, when they beat the Chargers with a narrow 19:17. Of course, there are also some strange results in this pairing, such as a 0:37 for the Dolphins from 2014. It was the second time that the Dolphins defeated the Chargers to zero. Such a clear result is not the order of the day in the NFL, but they won in 1993 with 0:31.

  • 31 games
  • 18 wins for the Miami Dolphins
  • 13 wins for the Los Angeles Chargers
  • 720: 637 point balance

A look into the history

The Miami Dolphins were founded in 1965. They have been playing in the AFC East since 1970. Since then they have won 13 titles in their division. They became champions five times in the conference. The last Super Bowl success was a long time ago. It was given in 1973. It was one of two championship titles. The Dolphins have not been in the playoffs since 2016. Last season they only finished penultimate in the conference, and in the division they were only last. Since 2008 they could not win a title in the AFC East. The Los Angeles Chargers have played in AFC West since 1970. Since then they have won the title ten times. In the Conference they only managed to do this once, in 1994. They have never won a Super Bowl. The Chargers have not been in the playoffs since 2018. In the past season they only took 14th place in the conference, but at least they were one place better than their upcoming opponent. Both teams could only win five times out of 16 games. In the division, the Chargers therefore only occupied the last place in the table.

NFL Wetten: Miami Dolphins – Los Angeles Chargers News

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the ancestral quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. In his six games, he made ten touchdowns. But now he is facing competition from Tua Tagovailoa, whom the Dolphins picked from the last draft and who was still on the bench at the beginning of the season. The young star made three touchdowns in his three games. There was no interception. He competes against the new star of the Los Angeles Chargers, because Justin Herbert was also one of the top picks in the last draft. So far, he has scored 17 touchdowns in seven games. He underwent five interceptions. If that makes him really better than Tua Tagovailoa, maybe this upcoming game could show. Is there a competition between the two newcomers? The two rookie quarterbacks could be crucial in determining where the future of the two teams leads this season.

NFL betting: Miami Dolphins – Los Angeles Chargers betting tips

In the game Miami Dolphins against Los Angeles Chargers, the bookmakers easily favor the Miami Dolphins. Bet3000 offers a win rate of 1.75. The two teams are rated almost equally. That’s why has odds of 1.88 for both wins. We think the Miami Dolphins will be successful. Even if the Chargers had to accept the last defeats against strong teams, the last victory of the Dolphins over the Arizona Cardinals should be considered. With this good performance in mind, it is worth taking a look at the bet-at-home betting market. With this bookmaker you can bet on the winner of the half-time / final result. That means we assume that the Dolphins will win at least the first half because that is their strength. If the Dolphins win not only the first half, but both, there is an NFL betting odds of 2.31. Should the Chargers catch up on points and secure the second half, the odds of 7.80 will be very worthwhile. At Interwetten you can also bet on the total number of points. We’re pretty sure the Dolphins will get more than 23.5 points. There are NFL betting odds of 1.75.

NFL Wetten: Miami Dolphins – Los Angeles Chargers beste Quoten

The best NFL betting odds on a home win for the Miami Dolphins can be found at Neobet. This bookmaker offers 1.88 on the Dolphins win. The highest NFL betting odds for a success of the Los Angeles Chargers are in the bet-at-home portfolio. There you can even secure a return of 1.96 if you keep up with the Chargers. The half time / full time NFL bets can only be found at bet-at-home. Therefore, of course, this provider also offers the best odds. We find the top value for NFL bets on the total number of points (more than 23.5 points) at This bookmaker offers odds of 1.78.

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