Micaela Tinelli explained why her nose swelled after her surgery and showed how it turned out: “These hot times don’t help”

After Micaela Tinelli reveal that he got his nose done, he filmed himself showing off with a ribbon and explained that after consulting with the plastic surgeon who operated on her, they told her to use it for several days. At least until the inflammation subsided.

Since she said that she underwent surgery of her own accord, her followers began to speculate and she, far from staying in the mold, came out to clarify the many; revealed when he had surgery and why his nose was swollen.

“In October of last year I had surgery and everything came out flawless. I didn’t have any complications, it just got inflamed. As the nose takes time to heal, settle well, and these times of heat do not help … As simple as that, “he explained through his stories of Instagram.

And he said goodbye remarking why he decided to go out to give details about his surgery: “I want to explain it because later people invent anyone.”

Before closing, he also shared a profile photo showing his face with the tape on his nose.



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