Michael Bay Faces Charges For Killing Of Pigeon On Set Of ‘6 Underground’

A homing pigeon died during the 2018 shoot, authorities said.

“I am a well-known animal lover and major animal activist,” Bay told the show business website. “No animal involved in the production was injured or harmed. Or on any other production I’ve worked on in the past 30 years.”

Authorities allege the pigeon was killed by a dolly as a scene was shot in Rome, TMZ reported. A person on the set snapped a photo of the dead bird and informed officials. Pigeons reportedly receive special protections in Italy.

Bay, known for action films such as “Transformers” and “Armageddon,” told TheWrap that witnesses and safety officers can debunk the photo, “which gives a false story.”

He declined to offer specifics, but promised to prevail in court. He said he could have paid a small fine to resolve the matter, but that would have amounted to a false admission of guilt, The Wrap reported.

“6 Underground” starred Ryan Reynolds as a billionaire who leads a group of mercenaries to depose a tyrant.

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