Michael Jackson: the king of pop would have been 60 years old, return on 5 unforgettable clips – teller report

Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 25, 2009, would have turned 60 today. The opportunity to remember 5 unforgettable clips of the king of pop, some of which we owe to great filmmakers.


Who is it

In 1993, the only feat of arms of David Fincher in the cinema is Alien 3. On the other hand, the filmmaker in the making has already produced numerous clips, for Patti Smith, Billy Idol or even Madonna. It was then that Michael Jackson came looking for him to make the one for “Who Is It”. The song is taken from the album Dangerous and tells of the despair of a man left by his mistress. He learns of her infidelity and wants to know who she cheated on him with. The clip, which lasts more than 6.30 minutes, does not include a dance scene.

Remerber the Time

Directed in 1991 by John Singleton who has just illustrated with Boyz’n the Hood, the short film which illustrates “Remerber the Time” remains one of the most spectacular clips of Michael Jackson. “Remember the Time” is the second single from the album Dangerous. The action of the clip, which lasts almost 10 minutes, is set in ancient Egypt. We owe the choreography of the clip to Fatima Robinson, there are many special effects and the cast is made up of stars like Eddie Murphy, Iman and Magic Johnson.

They Don’t Care About Us

For “They don’t care about Us”, song from the double album HIStory who draws attention to the political and social problems facing America, as well as to racist violence, Michael Jackson calls on Spike Lee, whom he considers to be the ideal director to give the necessary force to the claims of his song . The phrase « Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me » having been found to be anti-Semitic, Michael Jackson – who however defended himself – had to change the lyrics to « Do me, sue me » et en « kick me, strike me » so that the title can be broadcast on radio and television. There are two different music videos for “They Don’t Care About Us”, both directed by Spike Lee. The first, shot in a prison, was censored, many television channels not agreeing to broadcast it late at night.

The second was shot in the streets of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.


One of Michael Jackson’s most unforgettable music videos is “Bad”, directed by Martin Scorsese, and his incredible choreography. The filmmaker, then famous for Taxi Driver, Mean Streets and Raging Bull, directed an 18-minute short film on the streets of New York and the New York subway. Michael Jackson gives the answer to the young Wesley Snipes. The screenplay is based on a true story that allegedly happened on June 12, 1985: a young boy named Edmund Perry, who had just graduated and was about to enter Stanford University. Living in Harlem, was reportedly killed by a white policeman who claimed to have been assaulted by the young man.


If we were to retain only one … Michael Jackson’s clip-art masterpiece is undoubtedly the 13:40 clip of “Thriller” directed by John Landis in 1983 and featuring choreographies by from Michael Peters and Michael Jackson. After The Werewolf of London, it is Michael that Landis transforms into a werewolf, then into a zombie. More than a simple clip, Thriller is a short film in its own right. It is Vincent Price who plays the role of the narrator and it is his demonic laughter that we hear at the end of the song. Eight years later, John Landis will direct another clip for Michael Jackson: that of “Black or White” with the young Macaulay Culkin, who is remembered above all for the morphing scene at the end, a visual feat for the time.

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