Michael Jackson: the truth around his mysterious nose finally revealed

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If Michael Jackson has not lost his status as a pop legend, the condition of his nose, modified several times by cosmetic surgery, has never stopped fueling speculation. This Monday, April 20, our British colleagues from Mirror have (finally) lifted the veil on this mystery.

More than ten years after his death, Michael Jackson continues to be talked about. When it is not accusations of pedophilia that bring him back to the fore, it is theories around his death (or rather, his survival) that alarm the Web. But if the King of Pop still attracts the curiosity of some, it’s mainly because of his nose, cause of the worst complexes for the mythical singer and target of all rumors. One of them, several years old, even claims that the interpreter of Billie jean would have lost it while filming following numerous cosmetic surgery operations. Conrad Murray, the former principal’s doctor, even claimed in 2013 that the artist had to wear a plastic prosthesis at the tip of his nose.

We finally know more about Michael Jackson’s nose condition. This Monday, April 20, this article by our British colleagues from Mirror reveals the truth. When the singer died, several photos of his remains had been posted on the Web, revealing a horrifying scene: the King’s prosthesis was missing. “The prosthesis he normally attached to his nose was missing, revealing pieces of cartilage surrounding a small dark hole “, revealed a witness to the magazine Rolling Stone. Michael Jackson’s nose was without nostrils and even irreparable, according to the surgeon specialized in rhinoplasty Pamela Lipkin. According to his explanations to the magazine Allure, cited by The Mirror, “something in his nose, a transplant, an implant, something came out through the skin”. Before adding: “They are called cripples to the nose. People whose noses have been done so many times that there is really no nose to breathe “. For her, there was no doubt, Michael Jackson had reached the point of no return. He had “what we call a terminal nose, a crucified nose “.

“He was putting tape on his nose”

Its appearance and his nose bruised by surgery, Michael Jackson knew how to make it an asset. In the tabloid columns Metro, a friend of the star by the name of Matt Fiddes revealed how the Parisian dad, Michael Joseph and Prince Michael manipulated the media with his look, in particular by covering his face with the help of a mask. “What he preferred, it was putting Scotch on your nose. 90% of the time it worked “said this informant. A mystery that the deceased tried to maintain until the end.

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