Michael Jackson: unreleased tracks from the singer could be released

Since the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, two posthumous albums have already emerged: “Michael” in 2010 and “Xscape” in 2014. New songs from the singer never unveiled before, could well come out. Indeed, unpublished recordings would be kept and could be the subject of songs featuring with his brothers and sisters. Tito, the star’s brother, revealed to the British newspaper “The Sun” that he and the other members of the family are currently working on this project in the studio. He hinted during the interview that Michael Jackson had “left some stuff behind”, and that there was “more music to come out”.

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“It would be so nice to be on a record again with Michael”

If the last album of the Jackson Five dates from 1989, the Jackson family confided that a new disc will be released soon. The perfect opportunity according to them, to unveil a song containing unpublished songs sung by the icon. “It would be so nice to be on a record again with Michael. We would be prepared to try anything that might work, and see where it might lead, ”explained Tito Jackson. Yet siblings are not decision makers. In 2016, Sony bought back the 50% stake that Michael Jackson owned in them, for 250 million euros. They now have the rights to all of Michael Jackson’s music. “It’s not our responsibility, but they try every time to involve us and we are always happy to do so,” says the singer’s brother. If nothing is confirmed, the brothers and sisters of the interpreter of “Thriller” are very excited about it: “We are really thinking about doing something, so I hope it will come to fruition.”

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