Michael Jackson’s best-selling thriller of all time

VIDEO – Six years after his death, the legendary album by the King of Pop, released in 1982, has passed the 100 million copies mark.

He is even greater dead than alive. Six years have passed since the death of Michael Jackson in 2009 and yet the craze for his songs does not seem to be running out of steam in the least. The very serious Recording Industry Association – the American equivalent of our national SACEM – has just announced that the album Thriller has just happily passed the hundred million records sold. This staggering figure is quite simply a world record.

Created in 1982, the album Thriller brings together all the qualities required to mark the history of pop music. Besides the iconic song Thriller, all the titles without exception were hits. At the peak of his genius Michael Jackson knew how to combine all the new rhythms in his creations. Against a background of disco, we find a little funk, rock, and soul music.

The scenography of Thriller revolutionized the art of music videos

The staging of Thriller, a real 13-minute short film, also contributes to the triumph of the record. Orchestrated by the director John Landis, The dance of the living dead, wonderfully interpreted by Michael Jackson and his troupe, is also revolutionary. The clip began in 1982 to familiarize with the 7th art.

100 million records sold to date … this record is not likely to fall anytime soon. For comparison, the second in the ranking, Greatest hits 1971-1975 of the Eagles has only sold 29 million copies.

Finally, Adele, the new idol of young people, has sold 11 million copies of her album 21. Despite her talent, she is not ready to catch up with the King of Pop. Because he continues, year in and year out, to sell 400,000 records …

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