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For the many fans of Michael sSchumacher there is still confusion.

It has been more than six years since the seven-time Formula 1 world champion crashed badly while skiing in Meribel (France) and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Has been fighting ever since Michael sSchumacher in medical rehabilitation to return to old life.

Michael Schumacher: How is Schumi?

The fans absolutely want to know how their great motorsport idol is doing. But because the Schumi family keeps all information about his state of health under lock and key, fans often only have a nostalgic look back into the past – and the magical time that Michael Schumacher experienced in Formula 1.

Flavio Briatore, who worked side by side with Michael Schumacher as team boss at the Benetton racing team and celebrated the first two World Cup titles with Schumi in 1994 and 1995, is a reminder of that magical time. With a moving anecdote, Briatore shows why Michael Schumacher is still considered one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time.

“Michael Schumacher was simply the faster driver”

Briatore once and for all did away with the rumor that Michael Schumacher had received special treatment from Benetton or even received better material than his colleagues. “Michael Schumacher was simply the faster driver,” said Briatore in the Formula 1 podcast “Beyond the Grid”: “We didn’t have a predetermined number 1. The number 1 was the one who was faster.”

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In 1993 Michael Schumacher was significantly faster than his teammate Riccardo Patrese. The Italian didn’t like that at all. “There was a lot of noise during the race in Spa,” says Briatore. “Riccardo said to me that he was dissatisfied because Michael Schumacher supposedly had the better car.”

Briatore and Schumi tricked Patrese

The two Benetton pilots’ cars were identical, but Briatore noticed that Patrese simply didn’t want to believe that. The team leader therefore came up with something: “Michael Schumacher couldn’t get a better car. But I couldn’t convince Patrese. So I said to Patrese: All right, I’m talking to our technicians, and then we’ll swap the cars. ”

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Briatore continues: “Then I also talked to Michael Schumacher about it. It was pretty pissed off at first. But I said to Schumi: ‘Just drive faster, then the problem will finally be solved.’ And then Michael was much, much faster in the other car. ”

In qualifying, Michael Schumacher was two seconds faster than Patrese, and in the race Schumi even outpaced his colleague.

Only Brundle kept up with Schumi

Briatore remembers that there was only one teammate at Benetton who could stand up to Michael Schumacher. And that was Martin Brundle. “Brundle was the only one who got hold of Micha,” says Briatore: “Michael Schumacher simply swept everyone else away.”

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Briatore has a simple reason why the Briton was able to take on Schumi. “Brundle just wanted to keep up with Schumi, he didn’t want to hit him. The other teammates all wanted to be significantly better than Schumacher. ”

Disturbing clinic pictures showed up

Most recently, fans of the Formula 1 legend were shaken because disturbing videos from hospitals circulate on the Internet. They are said to show Michael Schumacher. You can read more about this here >>>

Formula 1 according to Michael Schumacher

After Michael Schumacher left Scuderia Ferrari in 2006, the great traditional racing team went steeply downhill. Only in 2008 Ferrari could win the World Cup again with Kimi Raikkonen. In recent years, the Scuderia has lagged far behind the competition.

It should finally start in Canada

The Formula 1 season has not yet started. The corona virus prevents the start of the season. It is planned – as of now – to start the World Championship in June with the Grand Prix in Canada. At the moment, however, this is still uncertain.

Curious Formula 1 plans

In this extraordinary situation, even the craziest ideas are apparently welcome in Formula 1. In conversation with Sky, Silverstone boss Stuart Pringle made the suggestion that the Great Britain GP could be held twice for logistical reasons. “Most of the teams have their plants nearby anyway,” said Pringle.

Fans would be happy

Whether the Formula 1 stars drive in the opposite direction in Silverstone or through loops in Vietnam would probably be a matter of no concern to the fans. You just wish that it finally starts again.

Who can stop Mercedes?

When it finally starts again, the teams have only one question: Who can stop the Mercedes dominance? The Silver Arrows rushed to the World Cup title every season for the last six years in a row.

Ferrari with problems

Ferrari is actually the biggest competitor of Mercedes. But the Scuderia has had a bankruptcy season. Ferrari also had problems at the beginning of this year. Vettel and Leclerc were significantly slower than the competition.

What’s next for Vettel?

Should Vettel not convince in the coming season, it could be his last at Ferrari. Because his contract with Scuderia expires at the end of the season.

What Happens to Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton is also about to end his contract. The Brit could leave Mercedes after the season. According to English media reports, he is already in talks with his racing team about an extension of the contract.

Sainz jr. to Ferrari?

Recently there have been rumors of a Ferrari interest in Carlos Sainz jr. The Spaniard had performed well at McLaren last year. “Of course I am very honored to be associated with Ferrari,” said Sainz of the reports.

Vettel to McLaren?

In return, Vettel should switch to McLaren. Many experts believe that such a change would not be so unrealistic. McLaren will be equipped with Mercedes engines in the future, which could sound extremely tempting for Vettel.

Is the end of the season threatening?

In the worst case, Formula 1 could end the entire season this year. Bernie Ecclestone would approve of this decision. The former Formula 1 chief marketer told the BBC that he would cancel this season and start over next year. Read more here >>

Vettel would be the big loser

Sebastian Vettel might be the big loser from a season break. Heppenheimer is obliged to rehabilitate himself for a messed up season and to recommend an extension of the expiring contract. If there is no more race by the end of the contract, the last Vettel lap in a red car could have been in the past.

“He knows that he has to deliver performance. It’s a key phase in his career because he knows that his contract extension depends on how he does in the first races. He has it in his own hands,” said Ferrari- Team boss Mattia Binotto now.

Vettel needs success

One thing is clear: Sebastian Vettel has not been able to meet the high expectations of Scuderia and her Tifosi since he switched to Ferrari in 2015. No world championship title, neither as a driver nor in the constructors’ championship, has jumped out since then.




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