Michael Wendler: That’s how he thinks about his manager’s expulsion

Michael Wendler
This is how he thinks about his manager’s eviction

Markus Krampe (r.) Has ended the collaboration with Michael Wendler.

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Manager Markus Krampe has ended the collaboration with singer Michael Wendler. Now the artist speaks up himself.

Manager Markus Krampe has ended the collaboration with Michael Wendler (48, “does not matter”), as he did on Sunday in his Instagram stories declared. Now Wendler himself speaks up. “Markus Krampe has probably resigned from management today because of media pressure!” writes the singer in a story.

“It’s a shame that you buckled !!!!”, continues the artist. Krampe did not have the decency to discuss this step with him in advance, the Wendler continued.

Krampe himself explained his decision with the following words: “When I tried to sweep up the pieces lately, I found out many things that are so explosive and that I never expected and that I not only as a manager, but also as Friend can no longer represent. An artist-manager relationship always depends very much on trust. ”

At the beginning of October, Michael Wendler dropped out at DSDS

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case on his part and that is why he will give up Michael Wendler’s management. “So from now on I’m no longer responsible for him, but I still wish him all the best and that he might find himself again and get on the right path,” said Krampe.

At the beginning of October Michael Wendler announced via Instagram that he was leaving the jury for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (RTL). As a justification, he cited conspiracy theories in connection with the corona pandemic. Then the manager was caught off guard and stunned in the program “Pocher – dangerously honest!” (RTL / TVNOW). After that, the relationship between the two was calmer. Until now.


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