Michael Wendler’s Florida mansion is for sale

While proceedings for thwarting a foreclosure and debts with various creditors are waiting for him in Germany, Michael Wendler leads a luxury life in Florida. But now he seems to want to get rid of his house.

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It’s no secret that Michael Wendler has had trouble with the German judiciary for years. It should be about one thing above all else: debts. The tax office is said to demand millions from the singer, and several former business partners are also waiting for their money.

Since Michael Wendler gave up his job as a DSDS juror in October and caused a stir with Corona conspiracy theories, he and his wife Laura Müller also lost more and more orders and thus also income. Nevertheless, the couple seem to continue to lead a full life in their adopted home Florida.

House on the market for $ 899,000

Laura in particular regularly posts insights into her everyday life on Instagram and repeatedly shows the luxurious house in Cape Coral, in which the two have been living for several years. But now this villa is for sale. For a few hours it has been advertised on the US real estate portal “Zillow” for 899,000 dollars (around 762,000 euros).

(Those: zillow.com)

“No expense was spared in this property,” the ad said. “Equipped with a fabulous designer pool and spa area, floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors, high-quality granite furnishings and access to the water with a jetty”. The facility that can be seen in the pictures is also to be purchased “on a negotiation basis”.

  (Those: zillow.com) (Those: zillow.com)

If you compare the pictures with Laura’s postings, it quickly becomes clear that it is the same house. The striking velvet gray couch set with silver table and the eye-catching pool area catch the eye in the ad.

The property was purchased for $ 474,000 in 2017, according to the ad. From Michael Wendler, as his former confidante Timo Berger confirms to t-online. “He’s entered in the land register, the house is in his name, and so is the credit,” the travel manager wants to know.

Ex-confidante sure: “Michael Wendler is leaving the USA”

According to him, the singer will go on sale with a profit. However, Berger does not believe that he wants to use it to pay off his debts. He suspects: “Michael Wendler is leaving the USA”. According to research, neither in Florida nor in any other US state has a new property been registered to the musician or his relatives. The entrepreneur, to whom Wendler owes around 30,000 euros, believes that he could be drawn to South America or Canada.

Michael Wendler is unlikely to be coming back to Germany, because a warrant awaits him there. This was imposed by a judge in July because the 48-year-old had repeatedly failed to appear for the trial against him for thwarting a foreclosure. The US authorities are also said to have been turned on in the meantime.


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