“Michel Audiard has transposed his own weaknesses to François, his son who died at 26 years old”

Child psychiatrist in the city, Marcel Audiard, the grandson of the great dialogue writer, an inspired author in his spare time, analyzes the unspoken words of Night, day and all other nights, the autobiographical novel of his grandfather which has just been released by Denoël.

In 1975, Michel Audiard’s life was turned upside down. Her son, François, died at the age of 26 in a tragic car accident. The dialogue writer who has built his entire career on humor no longer wants to laugh. Three years later, he released a novel Night, day and all other nights in which he returns, from wandering to wandering, on the death of his “Boy»And on all the memories of his life that come back like an overflow.

The book which will be awarded the Four Juries Prize in 1979 is released today with a preface by Marcel Audiard, the son of said “Boy“. For Le Figaro, the one who is both a child psychiatrist in the city and an inspired novelist in his spare time (The cry of the dying body, The cry of the running dead and The Moor killed me), delivers a very psychoanalytic interpretation of the biography of his grandfather.

LE FIGARO. – Why in the preface of The night , do you write, that “the nuclear reactor of the novel Is the death of his son François, your father?

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