Michel Cymes’ advice for keeping your tan and looking good

The holidays are coming to an end and soon the summer with them. One way to extend them a bit would be to keep that good look that we have when we return from vacation. This is indeed one of the topics for the start of the school year: how to keep our good looks as rested vacationers? How to maintain the suppleness of our regenerated skin? How can we make that tan last, which makes us feel better about ourselves and makes us irresistible? In any case, it feels good to believe it.

The easiest course would be to go on vacation! But I’m afraid that’s not one of the possible options. The other solution would be not to throw out all the good habits you have developed during the holidays.

And the first of these habits concerns the hydration of the skin. What did you do this summer for fear of sunburn? You have spread yourself with cream. It protected you, of course, but above all it allowed your skin not to be too dry.

The skin is the heaviest organ in the human body

Well you must continue! Just because you’re no longer by the sea or the pool doesn’t mean you should stop. The hydration of your skin should remain a daily concern. Moreover, the skin has a peculiarity. It is the heaviest and above all the most extensive organ in the human body. If I tear you up for example, I can make myself a 2 square meter carpet.

Well, these 2 square meters, you have to maintain them with a good cream. Leave nothing to chance: from the buttocks to the shoulders, including the thighs, arms and feet, everything has to go there. We often tend (especially us men) to wait until we have crocodile skin or itching to act, while we must anticipate.

If you’re not sure which product to use, ask your wife or best friend. I note in passing that the most expensive creams are not necessarily the most effective. Otherwise, for this hydration to be successful, you need a prerequisite, your skin must be clean.

Hydration, the key to maintaining a healthy glow

So I suspect that you are doing things in order and that you are not going to put on the cream before taking your morning shower but that concerns the face which must be hydrated morning and evening.

During the day your face is attacked by a thousand and one forms of pollution, it is therefore imperative to run it in clear water at the end of the day before moisturizing it. I say this especially for men who do not always have the reflex to clean the skin of the face, unlike women who, in general, remove make-up.

It is at this price, gentlemen, that you will keep your glowing glow and that you will delay this moment when, stress and sleep debt helping, you will be convinced, by looking at yourself in the mirror, that it is time to resume vacation. .

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