Michel Cymes notes a drop in the number of French people opposed to the vaccine

First of all there would seem to be less skepticism than a few weeks ago, the figures heard here and there seem to be going in the right direction, the next ones will be published in a few days by Public Health France, but there also, and it is often a good criterion, what we hear, we doctors, in the conversations we may have with our patients or friends.

Only a few weeks ago I had to argue with those who told me that they were not convinced and even that they were not going to be vaccinated. Always the same doubts, why did it go so quickly, we don’t have enough perspective, etc. Today, I am mostly asked if I don’t have a way to get them vaccinated faster. And of course I don’t.

This rise in those who want to be vaccinated is due to several things. There is hindsight and the absence of side effects on the millions of people already vaccinated. And then there is the exemplarity. You know I got the shot a week ago, I hope that RTL listeners who trust me were reassured to see that I had no side effects but it is not just me of course. Axel Kahn, René Frydman, the call of the celebrities and especially the vaccination of their attending physician, all that played and people are probably thinking that, when it is their turn, it will be necessary to go there.

And then I have the impression that the irrational arguments of anti-vaccines no longer pass. Or at least not as good as before. When we shout at the guinea pig, at the risk of serious accidents, at the fleas that we would inject into your body to monitor you, and you see that in the end nothing happens, you end up doubting what you are trying to make you swallow.

Does the vaccine protect against the English variant?

According to experts, the antibodies that are made by vaccination always prevent the virus from entering cells, because they attack the famous spicules on the surface of the virus and that the mutations did not cause major modifications on this side, in any case not sufficient to prevent the vaccine from being effective.

“The” or “the” covid?

I always said “the” covid, but you say what you want. You know why the Académie Française, in its great wisdom, recommended the feminine ? It is because Covid is “co” for Corona, “vi” for virus and the “d” for Disease and that Disease means disease and disease is female. But whether it is “the” or “the” we are talking about the same thing.

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