Michel Preud’homme will stay at Standard, but not as a coach!

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Two weeks before the first scheduled training on the field, Monday, June 15, the Standard does not yet know, officially in any case, the identity of its main trainer. Michel Preud’homme, who needed a little time to think about the question and position himself, did he make his decision? More than likely.

This should be communicated in the very next days, before the end of the week, and therefore in full in the timeframes imagined by the principal concerned, who had set as the only real deadline that the resumption of the preparation campaign summer, scheduled for June 13 for a day dedicated to physical tests. We will therefore be on time.

> Here’s why coach Preud’homme will pass the baton!

> Will it remain on the banks of the Meuse? The answer may have come from Twente…

> The rest of the staff should remain in place. What about the future T1? MPH should have a say.



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