Michelle, the 9-year-old girl who speaks 4 languages ​​and will go to university to study medicine

A nine year old prodigy He is preparing to enter university and study medicine. Yes, nine years. The little girl lives in the town of Txtla Gutiérrez, in Chiapas (Mexico). The great dream of this little girl is not to be an astronaut or a singer, she wants to find the cure for cancer and develop a program to help children with autism.

His name is Michelle Arellano, speaks English, French, German and Italian. In addition to being a doctor, she wants to be a marine biologist and an actress. An IQ test revealed that his is 158, according to his mother Karina Guillén in an interview with CNN. “I want to be like my mom and like my dad because I want to save lives,” Michelle exclaims to the network.

“In my future, I would like to collaborate to find a cure for cancer and autism. Because I know a person and I have seen several who have autism and it makes me sad that they cannot express themselves. So I want to find a cure for that and a program to understand each other”, he recounted about his dreams the nine-year-old girl.

Support from your family

When Michelle’s mother learned that her daughter was gifted, she searched throughout Chiapas for the right schools for her education. five rejected for not meeting the age established for the course he wanted to take. The first thing I did was try to help and support because I felt that I was going against the current of an educational system that does not allow them to advance at their own pace,” exclaimed the mother.

Medicine, Michelle’s destiny

The child prodigy goes to classes physics, biology, chemistry and algebra with private teachers from other states of Mexico. “Most of them do not take them in person because there is no teacher who is prepared to teach this type of children who have special learning, not just any teacher can teach them, but rather it has to be a teacher who knows the subject and is specialized. in them”.

After requesting an acceleration of courses and taking unique exams to obtain what is secondary and baccalaureate, Michelle Guillén You have to make the decision about which university to go to for your medical degree. His mother assures in the interview with CNN that they value options even in the Foreign to choose the right one for the girl.

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