Michigan: Donald Trump more and more desperate – electors should vote against the will of the people

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Donald Trump celebrates partial success – until his allies in Michigan collapse. These cause chaos when the US election result is accepted.

  • Donald Trump has the US election 2020 against Joe Biden lost, even in the US state Michigan.
  • There it is to one Scandal when accepting the election result in the district Wayne come through an electoral body.
  • Donald Trump saw himself as a winner until the electoral body won the Joe Biden confirmed a short time later.

Update from Friday, November 20, 2020, 8:16 am: Stand now stands Joe Biden as a winner in Michigan in the US election fest. Donald Trump but does not want to accept that. And should one Plan pursue to win after all. His team has invited loyal Republicans to the White House. These should Electors appoint who vote against the will of voters, as reported by “AP”.

So wants Donald Trump the state electoral body in Michigan convince of, Joe Bidens Victory not to be confirmed. Then the legislature would have to select electors. Legal expert Lawrence Tribe warned on CNN that such a meeting could be illegal. The outgoing US president is becoming more and more desperate.

But nothing to celebrate for Donald Trump: further chaos in Michigan

Update from Thursday, November 19, 2020, 2:45 p.m .: The chaos surrounding the election adoption in Michigans County Wayne continues. The two members of the republican in the electoral body of the district want to withdraw their approval of the validity of the vote count now retrospectively.

The people in question, Monica Palmer and William Hartman, had already blocked the unanimous acceptance of the result on Tuesday. The reason they cited were irregularities in electoral statistics for the county’s constituencies. As Trump and his team’s refusal as a win against an allegedly manipulated one choice booked, Palmer and Hartman relented in a special meeting of the panel and voted for the validity of the result in the district, the Joe Biden clearly won with almost 68 percent of the vote.

Trump: In Wayne County, his attempts to declare the 2020 US election rigged are bearing fruit

At the same time, a resolution was passed that is now creating new conflict. In it, the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is responsible for checking all counties in Michigan asked to show the statistical irregularities. Benson, a Democrat, rejects this resolution as non-binding – according to Palmer and Hartman, there is no longer any basis for a certification of the result. Both now want to cancel your vote retrospectively.

Jonathan Kinloch, one of the two Democrats on the electoral body of Wayne County, this new course change holds according to the “Washington Post“For too late. The confirmed result had already been transferred to the Secretary of State in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. As an extended arm of Donald Trump Palmer does not see herself because of this: she could not stop the “inevitable” with her blockade, she told the Washington Post. The massive pressure and the accusation of racism that she is currently facing is neither a reason for her to confirm the election, nor not to do so. It is only about re-checking the results.

Bad loser: Donald Trump

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Donald Trump: Partial success in Michigan – until his allies suddenly give way

First report from Thursday, November 18, 2020, 11:45 a.m .: Detroit/Michigan Donald Trump and his team have loudly but in vain enjoyed a partial success in the fight against Trump’s legitimate election defeat. in the Wayne County, a district in Michigan, two Republican members of the electoral body initially refused to accept the results of the county’s electoral counts. You cited discrepancies in the counting of postal votes. The body consists of four people, two of whom belong to the Republican Party, two from the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump cheered for a short time because of a partial success in Michigan. (Archive photo)

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The voted out President Trump promptly burst into jubilation on Twitter, describing the action republican in the county’s electoral body as “brave”. Trump has been trying to annul the result since his defeat in the 2020 US election. He brings up baseless allegations and repeatedly spreads false statements of fact and conspiracy theories. He was deprived of victory and the election was not legal. Some of his supporters and the government remain loyal to him and support him in an attempt to overthrow democracy in the USA.

Trump refuses to accept the election result – his spokeswoman has his back

Republican chairwoman Monica Palmer, after vetoing her veto, made a suggestion that she would accept the county election result if the Detroit constituency votes were excluded from the final result. Around 80 percent of the voters in Detroit are black, most of them voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 US election. Laura Cox, chairwoman of the republican in Michigan, released a statement just minutes after the veto, expressing satisfaction with the recognition of evidence of electoral fraud.

Trump’s spokeswoman Kaylegih McEnany attributed the rejection of the result to 234 affidavits, which irregularities in the counting of votes in the Wayne County complain. The “Washington Post“However, when evaluating these affidavits, there was no substantial evidence of manipulation of the election in Michigan Find. Most would base it on the allegation that voluntary observers could not get as close to the count as they wanted. In many of the rooms in which the ballot papers were evaluated, distance regulations were in place to protect against corona.

Loyal to Donald Trump: Michigan Democrats appalled by partisan Republicans

Jonathan Kinloch, one of the two Democrats in the election committee of Wayne County, on the other hand, spoke of a ruthless and irresponsible action that was primarily politically motivated. Also the boss of Michigan Democrats, Lavora Barnes, found clear words for the blockade: Believing conspiracy theories and disregarding the will of the voters is not only shameful, but also a “complete neglect of duty”, as the US medium “The Daily Beast“Reported.

After meeting officials and civilians, the two gave up republican however after and voted for the result. In parallel, they passed a resolution calling on the Secretary of State of Michigan to examine all constituencies where there was a discrepancy between the ballots received and the votes ultimately counted.

Donald Trump: Happy too early about partial success in Wayne County, Michigan

Just at the moment when the county’s electoral body unanimously approved the result, Trump tweeted again about irregularities in Michiganwho would have cost him the victory in the state: “Flip Michigan back to TRUMP!“

2020 US election in Michigan – clear victory for Joe Biden

The 1.4 million voters: inside in Wayne County The majority voted in favor of Biden in the 2020 US election: The Democratic candidate and the vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris won almost 68 percent of the vote, according to the unconfirmed official result. Sixteen state electorates are scheduled to meet on December 14, 2020 to translate the election of the people of Michigan into an election for Biden. This one has the US election in Michigan with a clear lead of more than 146 thousand votes against Trump won. The six from Trump-Team strained lawsuits can no longer change anything. A re-counting of votes, as is currently being done in Georgia, is also unlikely. Since the US election in 2016, candidates who request a recount have had to prove that a change in the overall result has a real chance. (Matthis Pechtold)

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