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Several men have planned a plot against the government and the kidnapping of Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan. The judicial authorities announced the arrest of 13 people. Criminal charges were filed against six men at the federal level and against seven others at the state level.

The Federal Police FBI accused six suspects of having worked on overturning plans for several months. The governor’s holiday home was observed to be abducted from there. According to the FBI, the men were also considering storming the Capitol in Michigan’s capital Lansing and “taking hostages”. According to the FBI, one of the accused said the Democratic politician should be brought to the “treason trial”. The plan should be executed ahead of the November 3rd US presidential election, according to a published court document.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks to steel workers in Detroit, Michigan in September

Detroit’s attorney Matthew Schneider stressed that everyone in Michigan could have different political opinions. But different thoughts should never lead to violence. His colleague Andrew Birge described the suspects as “violent extremists”. If convicted, they face life imprisonment.

The seven men, against whom criminal charges were brought at the state level, are said to have connections to the right-wing militia called “Wolverine Watchmen”, according to Justice Minister Dana Nessel. They are accused of trying to spy on the addresses of police officers in order to attack them and start a civil war. They were also involved in planning and training for the attack on the Capitol in Lansing, said Nessel. The plans would have put the lives of police and government officials and the general public at risk.

Donald Trump (picture-alliance/AP/A. Brandon)

Better to have your face mask in your hand – President Trump visiting a factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in May

Whitmer is an emerging figure in the US Democratic Party. In the corona pandemic, it imposed strict exit restrictions. US President Donald Trump responded with harsh criticism. During a visit to a Michigan factory in May, the President temporarily refused to wear a mouth and nose cover, despite Attorney General Nessel’s urging.

There is also constant criticism of the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic among citizens of the state. Protesters marched outside the Capitol for several weeks in a row accusing Whitmer of “tyranny”. Whitmer had been attacked by right-wing groups in the spring. In April Trump called on Twitter to “liberate” Michigan and the likewise democratically governed states of Minnesota and Virginia. Michigan is considered one of the key states in the November presidential election.

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