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Michigan high school shooting kills 3

(CNN) — Three people were killed in a shooting at a high school in Oxford, Oakland County, Michigan, and eight others were shot, according to county sheriff Michael McCabe. All of the deceased are believed to be students.

McCabe said that among the eight people who were shot, at least one is believed to be a teacher.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office received more than 100 911 calls related to this incident, McCabe said. The first 911 call came around 12:51 p.m. Tuesday, and the suspect was taken into custody five minutes after the first 911 call, McCabe said.

All the students were evacuated and relocated to a nearby store to reunite with their families.

What is known about the victims of the shooting

A 16-year-old male adolescent and two 14- and 17-year-old female adolescents are the fatal victims of the shooting. Meanwhile, eight other people were injured, according to the sheriff’s office.

Two of the eight injured are currently in surgery and the remaining six are in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds, McCabe said.

The suspect was arrested

Michael McCabe of the Oakland Sheriff’s Office. (Credit: WDIV)

The suspect in the shooting is a 15-year-old sophomore in high school, McCabe said.

In addition, he related that the agents of the sheriff’s office confronted him and detained him. The 15-year-old did not resist arrest, invoked his right not to testify and is not saying anything to law enforcement officers at this time, McCabe said.

Michigan high school shooting leaves several wounded 1:55

McCabe said authorities recovered several shells at the school and believe that between 15 and 20 shots were fired. A semi-automatic pistol was recovered at the scene.

Additional searches are currently underway at the high school to determine if there are more victims, McCabe said. He praised school officials overseeing an “orderly evacuation.”

Authorities believe the shooter at Oxford High School in Michigan acted alone and do not believe he planned the shooting with anyone else, McCabe said.

McCabe said this information is “pending further investigation” and said the high school students are being interviewed by police.

McCabe said that apart from the semiautomatic pistol recovered at the scene, there are no other weapons that they are aware of. No shots were fired at the responding law enforcement officers and the shooting suspect was not injured. There is also no indication that the suspect was wearing a bulletproof vest, McCabe said.

McCabe said authorities are aware of how the suspect put the weapon in the school, but refused to release these details to journalists.

An Oakland County Sheriff’s Office deputy is assigned full time to Oxford High School and that deputy “was one of those who helped stop him. [al sospechoso del tiroteo]”McCabe said.

About 25 agencies and about 60 ambulances responded to the shooting at the school Tuesday, according to John Lyman, a public information officer for the Rochester Hills Fire Department.

Oxford High School is approximately 45 miles from Detroit.

Michigan shooting

Biden’s message after the Michigan shooting

President Joe Biden said his “heart goes out” for the families affected by the school shooting in Oxford, Michigan.

“I was informed after the tour, I learned of a shooting at a school in Michigan. As we learn all the details, my heart goes out to the families who endure the unimaginable pain of losing a loved one, ”Biden said at the beginning of his remarks in Minnesota.

Biden said the suspect “turned himself in and claimed his right not to incriminate himself and surrendered his gun. That’s all we know about it. “

“They should know that the entire community has to be in shock right now,” added Biden.

The investigation

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is executing a search warrant at the suspect’s home.

McCabe reiterated that the suspect, who is currently in custody, does not cooperate with the police and said his parents hired a lawyer. He also said the suspect’s parents met with their son Tuesday afternoon after the shooting and told their son not to speak to police.

The motive for the shooting is not known at this time and authorities are still investigating. McCabe said his office is hearing “all kinds of rumors” about motives and warning signs, but said his office was not aware of them and cannot confirm their veracity.

The 15-year-old shooting suspect was in class Tuesday before the shooting, McCabe said.

CNN has reached out to the Oakland County Attorney’s Office for comment.

Tanika Gray, Patrick Cornell, Allie Malloy, and Alex Harring contributed to this report.

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