Microsoft and Sony had a meeting about Activision over the weekend

Little by little it seems that the novel between Microsoft and Sony is calming down, and it is that Sony’s refusal before the acquisition of Activision by the American giant has become the epicenter of a quite interesting reporting battle. Now, Microsoft has always been open to negotiations, but the other party seems very reluctant to give up on a deal in which it is not even involved.

According to reports, both companies would have met over the weekend to reach an agreement regarding Call of Duty and its ten-year tenure on PlayStation platforms. This agreement, according to past news, would have already been proposed by Xbox so that concerns that the saga will be removed from Sony consoles are not a problem with regulators.

Microsoft is forced to give in to proceed with the purchase of Activision

Sony became the first obstacle for the purchase to take place, but that’s not all, as the CMA sided with the Japanese to stop the deal. With all this, Microsoft’s strategy seems to be inclined to be the good guy, giving all the benefits they ask for before thinking about the company’s own interests.

If the reports are true, the fact that both companies are sitting down to talk about a purchase that Sony has no right to agree to is a clear indicator that this is the biggest pothole to be overcome. After that, and offering the Call of Duty saga for at least a decade since the purchase, it would imply that it only remains to go through regulators such as the CMA and the FTC.

It is not known for certain if the meeting was to discuss Call of Duty, but it surely had to do directly with the approval of the purchase.

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