Microsoft and Walmart hint at the release date of Windows 11-Windows 11

Information on a product list from Microsoft and Wal-Mart shows that Windows 11 may reach users in the near future.Different from the past few Windows 10 feature updates, Windows 11 has introduced several major changes to the desktop, including a redesigned start menu, abandoning Live Tiles, adopting a new grid layout, new customization options, and small desktop windows. Parts, new Snap experience and more.


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At the press conference, Panos Pane confirmed thatWindows 11 will be a free update for all Windows 10 users and will be released later this year. The official preview version of the operating system will be launched in the next few days, and there are reports that the preview version may be released on Monday or Tuesday.

According to data, we are not far from the public release of Windows 11. A new Wal-Mart retail list indicates that Windows 11 will be released in October 2021. In addition to mentioning the “free upgrade to Windows” and “October 2021” time nodes, Wal-Mart’s leak did not give more information, but considering that this is the news announced on the official website, this is a huge The hint, we may be able to see the RTM version released earlier than expected.


It is worth noting that Microsoft has not said anything about the October release, but we know that Microsoft has released a near-final version of Windows 11 to PC manufacturers, and Windows Insider testers are expected to get it later this week. The first preview version.

Microsoft is planning to make this version available to mainstream users this fall, but it is expected to begin wider promotion in early 2022. It is possible that the update will be provided through the media creation tool/update assistant later this year, but will only be promoted to most mainstream users through Windows Update in early 2022.

It is also worth pointing out that Windows 11 requires an updated CPU and TPM 2.0, so if the new hardware requirements are not met, users may not be able to upgrade to the new operating system through normal channels.


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