Microsoft closes all its retail stores permanently – Last weekend, technology giant Microsoft has just announced that it will close the Microsoft Store permanently in the US and globally.

Launch Engadget, Microsoft permanently closed its retail stores to focus on selling on Not only to buy products, users can also get support and training.

Some of Microsoft’s former retail stores in London, New York City, Sydney, and also Redmond, all of which will be reorganized to become Microsoft Experience Centers.

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Although closed, Microsoft employees will not be laid off, instead they will continue to serve customers by working remotely and becoming a team at Microsoft facilities.

Microsoft itself is listed as a healthy company at the time of this pandemic, by continuing to pay their employees, including retail employees, at full wages.

Some locations themselves have been closed since March in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and until now it has not yet opened until it was finally decided to close permanently.

Microsoft has opened retail stores for the past 11 years to showcase the latest product lines and the Windows ecosystem.

At present, retail stores have closed 83 locations, and provide a profit of 450 million dollars before tax. [idc]

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