Microsoft Edge 88: sync, sleep tabs, passwords and more

Microsoft Edge 88 is available in a stable version with several new features. These include a password manager, tabs in standby, new themes and synchronization available for more people.

Now Microsoft Edge 88 can automatically suggest a strong and secure password when signing up to a site. This is also available if you want to change an already saved password. Another nice new feature is the possibility of receiving an alert if your password is compromised. This can happen in case of hacking of sites. In this case, the browser will suggest you change it.

Another new feature is the availability for everyone of synchronization of history and open tabs. This feature made its debut a few days ago, but only for a few users. It is now in place for all users. Synchronization is especially interesting for those who have installed Microsoft Edge on iOS or Android to find the same environment as their computer.

Sleep tabs are another new feature of Microsoft Edge 88. The browser will automatically put inactive tabs to sleep to improve performance and thus take the strain off the processor.

In addition, the update adds new themes with lots of colors. There are also themes related to games from Microsoft studios, like Halo and Forza Horizon.

Microsoft Edge 88 is available for download now on

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