Microsoft Flight Simulator: A beautiful video shows us its wonderful visual section

Microsoft Flight Simulator allows us to take off from Spain to any corner of the world to explore planet Earth from above. Lovers simulacin and from flight have the opportunity to take control of the new and ambitious project of Asobo Studio, under the wing of Xbox Game Studios. Available from August 17 on PC, the graphic realism and care of this title has not left the players indifferent: that is why the YouTube account Yiyan Wang wanted to pay tribute to this beauty with a video titled What a wonderful world, which you can enjoy below:

What a wonderful world, the bet of Microsoft Flight Simulator

“When we get to fly to take a look around the world, we discover the beauty of this wonderful world“are the words that Yiyan Wang writes, while celebrates in its video the beauty and the beautiful views what gives us Microsoft Flight Simulator from these virtual heights. The truth is that the game has permeated users, who since its debut they’ve been flooding social media with messages where they applaud the work of Asobo and Microsoft, in bringing this complex proposal to life.

The realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator we are excited that, since Vandal, we have a tour of different parts of Spain: in this way, the game allowed us to fly over such emblematic cities of our country, such as Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, La Corua or Len, along with Granada or Tenerife. The realism of the game can be found not only in the recreation of cities around the world, but also in its airports: the game includes 37,000 airports that exist throughout the globe, made by hand.

“We discover the beauty of this wonderful world”

Planes like the Icon A5 and Savage Cub, or the massive 747-8 Intercontinental are some of those that we can find in the title, next to Boeing 747. In addition, we can visit airports ranging from small WX53 en Indonesia, until the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The proposal of Microsoft Flight Simulator go one step further and make the players really feel like airplane pilots: aircraft cockpits are richly detailed, while our flight may be affected by environmental and technical issues.

“Asobo Studio’s flight simulator is one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had with a video game,” we wrote in our analysis. “It is capable of leaving us speechless, incredulous with what we see on the screen.”


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