Microsoft Flight Simulator: support for VR controllers under development

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently only playable on computers, but it is already the delight of many players who can travel the world aboard many planes, and this even in virtual reality since the update published during the month of December.

However, you have to pilot your plane with the joystick, controller or keyboard and mouse, which is not always practical with a headset. VR on the head. Fortunately, Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon be compatible with controllers designed for virtual reality, as game director Jorg Neumann announced in an interview with Eurogamer. The man also indicates that make the game compatible with the VR helped a lot in its optimization, which will be felt in its version for home consoles.

Players will indeed be able to discover Microsoft Flight Simulator sur Xbox Series X | S in the summer of 2021, more for virtual reality, it only happens on PC. The title is playable as a reminder via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which cost € 12.99 per month.

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