Microsoft introduces Bing’s new service to support gamers with AI-GAME Watch

On March 27, Microsoft published an article introducing new functions of the portal site “Bing”.

An article introducing the new features of “Bing” was published on Xbox Wire Japan, which transmits various information about the Xbox series. It has been introduced that this function using AI will play an active role when searching for games, and when you ask a question when you want to know recommended games, not only will you be presented with the title, but you will also be able to search for equipment and skill trees in a specific game. It is said that you can get answers by asking questions when you can’t find a specific NPC or item during a strategy, or when you make a selection.

Discord, a communication service, also announced the implementation of new functions using AI, and in the published article, Microsoft’s service to compete with ChatGPT is introduced with examples.

A gamer’s guide to the new AI-powered Bing page

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