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Microsoft launches ugly Minesweeper-themed Christmas sweater

Microsoft has released its own version of the ugly Christmas sweater. This year, the sweater is on the theme of Minesweeper, the cult game that comes with Windows. Microsoft has also prepared ugly virtual backgrounds and a playable version of the original Minesweeper.

Microsoft has launched an ugly Christmas sweater that you can don for the holidays to wow, or not, your family and friends. In 2018, we were notably entitled to a very ugly sweater with the Windows 95 logo. Last year, the famous Paint software was honored by the ugly Christmas sweater made by Microsoft. This year thehe ugly sweater is inspired by the Minesweeper.

Ugly Minesweeper-themed Christmas sweater – Credit: Microsoft

The cult game of the 90s supplied with Windows operating system among other games like Solitaire and Pinball has accompanied several generations. This sweater is therefore an ideal gift for geeks and those nostalgic for the first Windows games. On the other hand, its price of 74,99 $ could put off more than one.

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Part of Minesweeper in the shape of a Christmas tree with the old Windows logo, this sweater is a real reference of the 90s

The Ugly Minesweeper sweater is available on the Xbox Gear Shop with international delivery planned. Six sizes are available: SM, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL (this one is already out of stock). The sweater is certainly ugly, but it must be recognized that its design is particularly well thought out. It sports a Minesweeper level in the shape of a Christmas tree with snowflakes representing mines.

Ugly Christmas Jumper on the Minesweeper Theme
Ugly Minesweeper-themed Christmas sweater – Credit: Microsoft

We also find the three classic buttons to minimize the window, maximize it and close the game. The number “1990” displayed in the screen to the left of the sweater is not the number of mines remaining, but a nod to the origins of the Minesweeper. On the right, “2021” has also replaced the traditional timer. Microsoft’s sweater wouldn’t have been complete if it hadn’t been for the famous Windows logo from the 90s. Appeared with Windows 3.1 in 1992, the logo is shown with a trail of pixels. It gives it an impression of movement.

Finally, Microsoft has also prepared other surprises on the same theme. You can download ugly virtual backgrounds to use in video call. Solitaire postcards are also available for download. Best of all, you can play original Minesweeper emulated on GitHub. The Redmond firm has also decided to pay $ 100,000 to AbleGamers, an American nonprofit organization that improves accessibility in video games for people with disabilities.

Source : The Verge

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