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Microsoft announced on Monday (6/28), Starting today, the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming game service will allow all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play games on Windows 10 devices, iPhones and iPads through various browsers.

Xbox is Microsoft’s game brand. In addition to the Xbox series of game consoles, Microsoft has also launched a variety of Xbox games, an online service called Xbox Network, and the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming game service that has only been released in recent years.As forXbox Game Pass Ultimate, Is the game subscription plan launched by Microsoft to integrate Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in 2019. It is currently the only solution that supports streaming games. It offers hundreds of games and can be run on a variety of different devices. The rate is US$14.99 (Taiwan: NT$459).

The related service actually entered a closed test in April this year, and officially launched this week, open to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries for free. Users of Windows 10, iPhone or iPad devices can use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Safari to connect to from their computers and mobile devices to perform online streaming games.

In addition, in order to improve the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience, Microsoft adopted the same level of hardware used in the newly released high-end game console Xbox Series X in the back-end data center to speed up the loading time and improve the update of the game screen. With 1080p and up to 60fps game picture quality. Since Xbox Cloud Gaming is actually executed in the cloud and then displays the screen on the user’s device, it can save games or switch to other devices at any time.

Unfortunately, although Microsoft also launched Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in Taiwan, the streaming game service has not yet supported the Taiwan market.

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