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Peter Moore, who used to be the head of Microsoft’s Xbox business in the past, also served as the president and chief operating officer of SEGA’s US branch, and is currently the vice president of Unity, said in a recent interview that the Xbox 360 console faces a negative image of “three reds of death” failures During the crisis, he instructed the internal team to launch a host war, and also believed that Microsoft and Sony would join the competition in the game market, making the game market more active.


In an exclusive interview with Front Office Sports’ “My Other Passion” Podcast content, Peter Moore said that at that time, facing the negative image crisis of the “Three Reds of Death” failure caused by the Xbox 360 console, Xbox needed another competitive force to get back on its feet from the crisis. , so instructed the internal team to launch a console war and try to compete with Sony’s PlayStation in the game market.

Peter Moore emphasized that this approach is not to create divisions among players, but to make the game market more dynamic, so that more games worth playing can enter the market and players have more choices. And Peter Moore also believes that if Microsoft did not continue to persevere under the negative image crisis of the “three reds of death” fault, the game market may not have the current diversified development scale, and Microsoft may not have any advantage in the game market. It may not even continue to grow the Xbox gaming business.

Before joining Microsoft, Peter Moore worked at Reebok for many years, and after joining Microsoft, he began to be in charge of the Xbox business, and even promoted the development of the Xbox 360. Therefore, the reason for leaving Microsoft later is that some people think that it is related to the negative image crisis of the “Three Deaths” failure. related.

After leaving Microsoft, Peter Moore chose to join EA, and his original position at Microsoft was taken over by Don Mattrick, the original EA global studio president (Edited by:Don Mattrick later left Microsoft to become CEO of Zynga). In January 2021, Peter Moore joined Unity as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sports and Live Entertainment.

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