Microsoft partners with Alaska Airlines to reduce its carbon footprint

By Le Figaro with AFP

Microsoft on Thursday announced a partnership with Alaska Airlines to fly its employees on flights using recycled kerosene in a new effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The software giant, which announced the goal of becoming “carbon negativeBy 2030, thus targets its business trips, which were very frequent before the Covid-19 pandemic.

So far, the crisis caused by the pandemic has devastated demand for air travel, and business travel in particular. But with this announcement, the creator of the Teams video conferencing app is hinting that those trips will eventually resume and he’s preparing for it.

The objective “carbon negativeMeans that the group would remove more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits. The partnership with Alaska Airlines covers key routes where planes will be fueled by sustainable aviation fuel.

So “the agreement applies to CO2 emissions related to the travel of Microsoft employees between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and San Francisco International Airport, San Jose International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport , the three most popular routes taken by Microsoft employees on Alaska Airlines», Specifies the group in a press release.

Rather than being refined from petroleum, this kerosene is generally produced from sustainable resources, such as used oils and agricultural residues, he recalls. He adds that this fuel is “a major solution“For the aeronautical industry to reduce CO2 emissions and”can also contribute to other positive social and environmental benefits, such as job creation and biodiversity».

«The sustainable kerosene supplied by SkyNRG under this agreement is produced in the United States by World Energy using waste oils and offers a carbon reduction of approximately 75% compared to fossil jet fuel.», Also specifies the group. The kerosene will be distributed at Los Angeles International Airport.


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