Microsoft patents technology to ‘revive’ people through chatbot

Using a chatbot, this is how Microsoft intends to ‘revive’ people.


There is no doubt that technology advances by leaps and bounds, proof of this is the new Microsoft patent that it registered a few weeks ago: a chat that ‘revives’ deceased people.

And it is that according to specialized portals in technology and United States Patent and Trademark Office, Microsoft registered a patent for the technology that could do this.

As shown in the first episode of season two of Black Mirror, where a woman has a robot with artificial intelligence that allows her to talk to her dead husband, this time the patent talks about ‘rebuilding people digitally, like this like creating a chatbot.

This is a chatbot would use videos, photos, personal data and social networks of the person in question, so artificial intelligence could build things as detailed as gestures and even expressions that the person would actually say.

In the patent it is detailed that with the sum of all these data it is intended to build the profile of the person so that he can speak with a human being in a coherent way.


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