Microsoft plans to make Edge a cryptocurrency and NFT wallet

Although many are not interested in technologies such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies, believing that the “fashion has passed”, technology giants such as Sony and Microsoft still invest heavily in this segment.

A series of screenshots shared by user @thebookisclosed reveal a potential new tool coming to Microsoft Edge soon: a browser-integrated cryptocurrency wallet.

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17 Mar


13 Mar

Last year, the big news in technology was NFTs and the Metaverse. Although the current fad is focused on artificial intelligences like ChatGPT, Microsoft still continues to invest in improvements for digital tokens.

Microsoft wants to supercharge your browser with yet another feature that is sure to stir up controversy. According to the feature’s description, the idea is to give Edge customers a “non-custodial wallet”, meaning cryptocurrency holders won’t have to rely on a third party to store private keys and passwords. Microsoft says the project is its “journey into cryptocurrencies and NFTs” and promises an easier and more secure experience with no third-party extensions to make it easier to interact with Web3.

Of course, the company isn’t giving testers any cryptocurrency or NFT to participate in the tests, and it also doesn’t plan to refund them in case of loss of funds. Therefore, people with access to the Edge wallet should proceed at their own risk. Interestingly, the wallet clearly states that it is a “confidential project and no details are to be shared externally”.

The updated wallet in Microsoft Edge will show your current balance and assets, your transaction history, connected apps, your watch list and a dedicated tab to explore the world of Web3, cryptocurrencies and NFT. There are also integrations with Coinbase and MoonPay to allow users to buy coins and send payments to others.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce its “cryptocurrency journey”, so we have to wait for more details.

Do you think NFTs are here to stay?

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